10 Easy Ways to Reduce Waste and Save The Planet

The planet is dying. We are pretty much the sole reason. We are destructive and we need to start taking responsibility for the saving of the planet. Fortunately it’s easier than you think to actually better your role in this and reduce your impact on the planet! Here are ten easy ways to reduce your waste.


save the planet


Think reusable 

One use products are nearly useles and completely awful to the planet. Get into a habit of thinking before you purchase anything with just one use – most of it is probably not biodegradable and will end up in a landfill  at some point – you have to ask if it’s worth it.


Ditch the wipes 

Wipes do not break down in a landfill. You use your wipes for minutes and stain the earth forever. I’m talking about cleaning wipes, face wipes and baby wipes. I get that they’re convenient but they’re honestly not worth it. I use reusable cloths for cleaning that you can just wash in the laundry and reuse. I also use soft face cloths that I also just use and throw in our laundry basket. They’re better for the skin anyway!


Keep cup and flasks 

We don’t need take out cups. I do understand the need for coffee and smoothies and juice on the go but there’s nothing that you drink that can’t be had in a flask or a reusable bottle. Most places now reward you with discounts or freebies for caring about the environment and bringing your own cup so if you need more persuasion there’s always that!


Properly rinse recycling

Most people don’t know this because recycling gets rinsed elsewhere BUT when you don’t properly clean what you place in the recycling, it can be considered contaminated. That means that one of your cans can contaminate your whole neighbourhood’s recycling and it all ends in a landfill. It’s a hard truth, man. We’ve all done it.


Paper over plastic and polystyrene

Just in case it isn’t obvious – plastics and polystyrene are evil to the earth and don’t break down. You probably use more plastic and polystyrene than you think. Just from eating takeaway I know we do! There are places in our local area that deliver in earth friendly containers. It’s certainly a good idea to ask restaurants when you order what they deliver in and make smart choices.



I know I’ve been a real advocate for donating your stuff to charities but honestly it’s the best. You get to declutter, you’re going to make some people very happy with stuff you didn’t wear often enough and your stuff gets reused instead of landfilled. We can all donate our clothes and items, don’t bin them!


Use a sanitary cup 

Sanitary waste is a HUGE problem for the planet.  Think about it. Half the population has to use these products that get a few hours use then sit for years in a landfill. Not only is it waste but it’s toxic waste. Think about how much you waste in just one month, times that by 12 and then that by 30 and then that by 3.5 billion and then that by 50 years. It’s a large scale tragedy. Switch to a ruby cup, support a third world country in doing so as they provide one cup for each one you buy, and stop your waste in its tracks.

It’s also not made from chemicals and you’re not shoving anything nasty into your body! Win win win!


Use stainless steel straws

Straws. Plastic little devils. They get into sea life’s noses and stomachs, they cause irreversible damage to the planet and everyone on it, they honestly are not worth it. Get yourself some stainless steel straws that you can just chuck in the dishwasher and reuse! Take them out with you if you’re going to get an iced drink. Just make an easy swap. So easy, so affordable, so necessary!


Use bamboo

Ditch plastic cutlery and plastic toothbrushes. We use the cutlery for minutes and it stays on the planet for years and we use the toothbrushes for 3 months and then buy another. How many toothbrushes is that per person on the planet for all these years? It’s so wasteful and so unnecessary. Get yourself some reusable bamboo cutlery – most come in a neat pouch easy to travel with and pop in your bag. Get yourself a bamboo toothbrush so that when you swap it out you’re not damaging the planet.


Buy from your local market

Food packaging. I don’t know where to start. It’s frustrating because we almost have no choice in it – no one is listening and changing their ways. We could have paper and card packaging for nearly everything except meat and dairy – and we can save the planet by going vegan too while we’re at it! No matter your diet, you can help by shopping at your local market and picking unwrapped foods, supporting your neighbours, popping your groceries in your cute tote bag and enjoying your fresh food with a clear conscience!


These are just a few easy changes you can make today that are almost no effort off your back but can go long ways to helping save the planet. Strive for a more sustainable and planet-safe future!









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