Rimmel London Apocaliptic Lip Lacquers Review


I was very excited to try the new Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquers as I was after a lip colour that I could trust to stay bright all night!

P1010473The colour range for these products is currently limited, rumoured to be expanding but still, they have enough colour choice that I deliberated in Boots for ten minutes before choosing two of my favourites: Apocaliptic and Celestial.

I’m a sucker for dark pink to red tones so I couldn’t resist Apocaliptic! I love to wear this colour on a night out because its so bright and eye catching. The other, Celestial, I wear more when I’m going out in the day because it’s not as harsh a colour as Apocaliptic, yet something a bit more than a simple nude shade.

P1010476In terms of application, the brush is pretty good and well angled. However, I tend to find I have to wipe of quite a bit of the product before applying because it’s just too much product on the brush otherwise! I definitely want to clearly state to you guys that less is more with this product. You CAN have too much lippy on!

The product does actually last a long time. I’ve worn these colours out to meals and out to gigs so through eating and drinking they do actually keep their colour. However, for long haul days you do need a mirror on hand to check and reapply. I did a 7 hour shift wearing one and, to my horror, found that throughout the day the lipstick had worn off in places and travelled and gathered in the inner corners of my mouth which looked pretty unsavoury! So DO check it!


The only thing I didn’t like about Rimmel’s Apocalips Lip Lacquers was how drying they were on my lips. I have sensitive skin anyway so this probably really isn’t a problem for everyone and simply just a slight issue for the minority. It was nothing that a little Vaseline application beforehand couldn’t fix!

All in all, the Apocalips collection did not disappoint me and there are colours that I’d like to go back for!

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