20 Things I’m Going to do in Honour of Turning 20


Hello lovelies,

I celebrated my 20th birthday last weekend! My teenage years are officially over and the scariest decade of my life is coming next. I say this because I feel like your whole life changes and sort of settles for good in your 20’s doesn’t it? With turning the big 2-0 comes graduating from university and deciding what you’re going to do with your degree, renting or buying a real house happens, getting a job to start your career, maybe meeting someone to settle down with and maybe just running away from all your responsibilities!

I want to make this year a really good one before I turn 21 and have to think about what I’m going to do with my life so, as I thought it might be fun, I am going to come up with 20 things to do this year- kind of like a bucket list but less impressive and with less commitment involved. (And less money, because I’m broke).

  1. Go to an underground bar (They look cool)
  2. Go to a less popular and more unusual museum
  3. Find myself a perfect getaway quiet spot in London
  4. Visit Dinah’s Cat Emporium
  5. Eat somewhere other than the Mexican stall when I am next in Camden market (y’know, broaden my horizons)
  6. Learn to cook a new meal
  7. Read at least 10 books for enjoyment
  8. Take a spa break
  9. Get a full body massage
  10. Lose a few pounds and get fitter
  11. Start documenting life in an interesting way so I don’t forget all the cool stuff I do and the fun people I have in my life
  12. Get my driver’s license
  13. Visit home for longer than a few days
  14. Spend time going round London when it looks magical at night time
  15. Buy some old clothing from Brick Lane and try to pull it off
  16. Complete some sort of art project by my next birthday
  17. Write a letter each to all of my favourite people
  18. Let go of the things and people in my life that I know are unhealthy for progress
  19. Regularly update my CV
  20. Be more self-aware this time next year, knowing exactly what I want from the world

I shall keep you updated on the progress of this year’s goals! Do you have a list like this?

Hannah x


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