21 Birthday Wishes for my 21st Year


Hello lovelies!

It’s my birthday! It’s not actually my birthday, my birthday was the 22nd of March but last year I wrote a post about the 20 things I wanted to do in the year and this year I thought I would do something a little different and tell you guys 21 birthday wishes I am making and hoping for this year:

  1. a full-time job I’m happy with
  2. effective revision period
  3. luck with my three remaining uni exams
  4. new friendships from work and the area I’m moving to
  5. a house that matches our criteria in late spring
  6. a stress-free move
  7. financial stability
  8. a first class or at least high 2:1 degree
  9. more family meet ups
  10. better health
  11. more ‘me time’
  12. wider reading
  13. a holiday to Rome
  14. a city break to Paris
  15. a summer holiday to anywhere hot
  16. more creative projects
  17. new experiences
  18. a start on life savings
  19. more time spent with friends
  20. to have my house made into a furnished home within the year
  21. to feel happy and grounded and settled

I know I’m a bit of stickler for constantly setting goals for myself but I think its a really important and useful thing to do. I really hope that my 21st year is the year that I settle down into a job I’m happy with, a house that quells my homesickness and am happy and stable!

These are the things I’m wishing for as I blow out my birthday candles,

Hannah x


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