3 Changes to Make at Home to Improve Your Winter Skincare

The winter is a terrible time for your skin and it has to go through a lot! The January blues are really settling in for me at the moment and feeling as though I look bad only makes it worse. There are three things you need to know up front about these tips: I have dry combination skin, I’m lazy and I’ve been working on this for years! Here are the three changes that helped me and can hopefully help you improve your winter skincare!


changes to make for better winter skincare


Hydrate in two ways

Let’s start off with the easiest tip! Increase your hydration in accordance with the season. Throughout winter, you should be drinking just as much water as you do in summer. You should also feed your skin with lots of minerals and vitamins so chuck as much veg into your cooking as possible! It’s important to hydrate via your skincare regime as well so be sure to buy the right moisturiser for you. I recommend oil based balm style moisturisers for dry skin and water based lighter creams for spot prone skin.


Use a diffuser

It’s not just the weather that your skin is battling against in the winter, it’s your heating too! Central heating might feel good but it can be especially drying to your skin. When you are heating your home, you are taking a lot of moisture out of the air. I find that it helps to put moisture back into it! Diffusers are very affordable ways of doing this. Note that some require coconut (or other) oils and others require water. I have the water kind and only add a couple drops of essential oils for my mood but this is not compulsory. It won’t effect your skin! Wherever you sit most when the heating is on, try to set up the diffuser too and enjoy that extra touch of hydration!


Use a silk pillowcase

I sleep on my face which was the first reason I bought a silk pillowcase. There are a lot less creases to dent your face with! I also learned that silk pillowcases are great for your hair! There are a lot less tangles to my hair when I use a silk pillowcase, as opposed to the manic bedhead I experience with cotton. The third reason I use silk sheets and pillowcases is for my skin. Silk is a very breathable fabric and it is soft and much less abrasive than cotton. It will not absorb and hold oils which means it won’t put oils back on your face. If you’re a fellow face sleeper then I can’t recommend silk bedding enough! It’s only downside is its cost so I recommend you focus on getting the pillowcase first!


These three changes are really easy to incorporate into everyday life and will prevent and soothe dry winter skin. Do you have any tips to share?





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