3 Excuses to Stop Blogging

More months have flown by with silence on the blog. Whilst I could return with a ‘life lately’, some things in life are just too personal to share. Instead of run through the typical apology, I thought I’d try something different. Here are 3 reasons blogging takes a backseat for me, personally.


stop blogging


Life got too much 

The number one reason I pause blogging is life. Blogging takes a great deal of mental space, inspiration, motivation and hard work. There is not always the right amount of time for it. Then add this to the complicated nature of wanting a balance between online and offline, wanting to share and prioritising privacy. Life frequently gets to be too much and blogging goes out the window.


Work got too busy 

When you’re a freelancer, your work is never simple. It ebbs and flows depending on the season and your efforts to be a visible trader. I have roughly three quiet months of every year in which my work somewhat resembles a 9 to 5 but the other nine months are always packed. A self-employed person will never complain of having too much work – that’s like saying ‘no’ to a big fat raise being handed to you. When there is already so little time, I definitely don’t want to spend it on the internet! As always, my time will go to the highest bidder (which is never me).


I had nothing to say 

More often than not lately I view the blogging industry as being a bit of an echo chamber. It’s hard to think you could possibly have anything interesting or valuable to say when so much is already being said by other, potentially more qualified people. I usually have a crumpled post-it or a mobile note open on my phone with tens of blog titles or topic ideas jotted down. The problem is that they have probably already been done to death or I feel I have nothing more to add to the subject that you would find interesting. If I can’t add value to a conversation, I feel I should remain quiet.


Blogging is an ever-expanding but saturated market at the moment and there’s not always the time to navigate it – especially if you do not have the headspace for it. But there are so many moments in my life that I have to look back on because of this site so I’ve decided I’m not yet ready to give up on it. I’m just giving up the pressure to always have something worth saying!






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