Wellbeing: 3 Ways to Keep a Home a Natural Sanctuary

Since the home is where we spend the most amount of time, especially if we’re freelancers, it’s important to make it a sanctuary. I’m a firm believer that what we surround ourselves with really affects us. If we surround ourselves with busy patterns, lots of mess and pollutive substances, we’re going to feel stressed, anxious and unwell. Here are 3 easy ways to keep your home a natural, healthy sanctuary.



keep a home natural sanctuary wellbeing


Non-Toxic Products

The traditional cleaning products we’ve been buying for years might not be the best for our homes or our health. In fact, a shocking number of popular products contain harmful chemicals that might be blasting dirt and bacteria, but are also blasting your health. In a bid to create a home that’s a wellbeing haven, I have been trying to educate myself in using less toxic products. I urge anyone who has children or pets to do the same! I swapped our most harmful everyday products for less toxic alternatives. They work just as well but smell better and are much safer!



Every home can benefit from plants! It may have taken me years to understand how to keep them alive, but I have finally found some resilient plants to share my home with! The right species of plants absorb harmful pollutants from your home and release oxygen. In fact, they absorb many of the harmful chemicals in household products. Before buying plants, ensure they are safe for children and your specific pets. Then, question where they will be placed and how much light they will receive. Taking care of plants can be easy if you pick hardy species, greenery makes us feel better, naturally, and you’re home will be healthier for it! See what Nasa recommends for air purifying.


Address Inconvenient Problems

Ensure your home has the basics: lots of light, lots of plants, positive colours and a practical feng shui layout. Then know that it’s okay to have a little moan about your home, especially if it’s constructive! If something is bothering you on a daily basis, and is affecting your wellbeing, then work toward a solution. For instance, our open plan apartment has been broken into defined sections with rugs. The smells of pet food and a post-walk wet dog quickly disappear and get absorbed by our charcoal bags, littered around the place. We keep our tiny bathroom minimal to appear larger. I have had my fair share of annoyance at our flat but most problems can be solved with some imaginative thinking!


By banishing smells, brightening up your space and abolishing chemicals, your home will be a happier, healthier place to be!


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