3 Ways to Stay Motivated

It’s Monday which is the perfect time to give your motivation a boost! Since most of us have a full-time job and many other commitments, life can fall into a mundane pattern. Staying motivated is a key part of achieving our goals in our careers and in our personal life. Here are three ways to stay motivated to work toward future long-term goals…


how to stay motivated


Be organised

It’s much harder to approach life and work when you haven’t yet gotten your head around it. Always approach your workload and your life with organisation! Divide the bigger picture into smaller, more manageable tasks and prioritise via deadline. If something can be done in five minutes, get it done and ticked off! Anything larger, set aside the time for. A long-term goal can seem much more achievable when you have smaller, realistic steps to get there laid out. And if everything seems easier, you’re more likely to stay motivated!


Have free time 

A Sunday well spent is a Monday content, they say! It has taken me years to realise that this is true. Since I don’t do anything by halves, I’m prone to throwing my all into work in a bid to constantly be ahead. It’s definitely not the right approach, though! Making time to do the things that you love might seem like losing time elsewhere, but it actually gives you a break and motivates you more. Stop overworking and pining over the things you would much rather be doing and get them out of your system so you can concentrate on work instead!



Rewards are a great way to keep you on track and motivated. They are especially helpful when there is a really long-term goal that you’re taking tiny steps towards! A reward can be as small as indulging a few hours into something you enjoy or as large as a weekend break away. I highly recommend mapping out a calendar of the small steps you need to take each day, week, month to get to the goalpost and then marking your rewards. As with all things, breaking things up and giving yourself positive reinforcement will keep you motivated!


What keeps you motivated? What long term goals are you working toward?




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