3 Ways to Support More Women This International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day! As Beyonce said, ‘who run the world? Girls!’ I’m feeling very grateful to finally be in a position where I feel like I’m supporting women and being inspired by women! If us girls are worth a whole international day of celebration, we’ve got to be worth a blog post! Here are three easy ways you can support more women, this International Women’s Day.


International women day


Consume and Support Their Works 

Too many industries are dominated by men. In fact, you probably continue the cycle with who you support more regularly, especially if the same marketing budget hasn’t been put into women’s work than men’s. It’s not your fault but we do have to change! Support women authors, directors, producers and artists. Buy their works, review their works and shout about it! If you’re a reader, go see the Women’s Prize For Fiction longlist that has been announced today and support them. Scour the credits for women like Reece Witherspoon who, sick of acting in parts that don’t reflect women, works tirelessly to write and bring to our screens real women and role models. Tell a friend they’re doing great at their career and connect them with someone who can give them a leg up.


Support Different Lifestyles 

In the words of Lily Allen ‘It’s hard out here for a bitch’. From the dual shift of having to work all day and then come home and do housework, to the fact that childcare costs an arm and a leg, it’s hard out here. You’re judged for working too little, judged for working too much, judged for putting your career before a family and kids, even though men are doing the exact same! There’s sexism and prejudice in the workplace, catcallers and harassers on the streets. Praise women for wearing what they want, congratulate their career successes, let them do what works for them! Then you do you too!


Change your language

Don’t trip up on hurdles that also block us. Men and the media like to target women and infect our brains to tell us we’re not good enough or strong enough and that we’re just not up to scratch. Change the record. Don’t call a woman bossy, call her assertive. Don’t call a woman a ball-buster, call her a director. Shut up about the maternal clock and stop wondering whether a woman of a certain age is going to go off on pregnancy leave soon. Stop asking women when they’re going to get married – when was the last time you asked a man that? Women are wonderful and, today on International Women’s Day and every day, we should celebrate that!


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