3 Ways to Make Mondays Less Blue

Mondays roll around quicker than we can anticipate them and they absolutely suck. Your inbox is full, your fridge is empty and there’s too much to do. Sometimes just the thought of Monday coming can ruin your Sunday! So, since I’m always looking for ways to make life better, here are 3 ways to make Mondays less blue.




Make Mondays bitesize

Mondays are a lot less overwhelming if you can make them look and seem simple. Take all the tabs open in your brain and turn them into theĀ shortest to do list you possibly can. Make it look like a piece of cake and it will feel like a piece of cake. Go from ‘I have so many things to do’ to only having a maximum of four or five. It’ll make you get through the crap parts of Monday quicker if you think it can all be over soon, rather than seeming like a drag. Having a specific to do list is all well and good but there’s no point just seeing your stress on paper. Condense it.


Go outside

A large part of what makes Mondays suck is the idea of going back to work. That means spending too much time in the workplace isn’t going to help anything. If your job is flexible, try to get regular breaks outside. If your colleagues have a cigarette break, for example, you should be able to get a fresh air break. Even if you don’t get flexible time, take every opportunity to get outside – especially in this gorgeous warm weather! It puts distance between you and work and gives you room and headspace. Having a sense of freedom is good for you so prioritise it and escape sometime!


Treat yourself

If all else fails, you’ve got to treat yourself. Treat yourself for getting through Monday and know, the whole way through Monday that you’re going to get a treat at the end of it. It doesn’t have to be expensive, especially if this is a frequent thing! It can be something simple like doing something that you love, stealing a couple hours to laze in front of Netflix or ordering a take away. Incentives are always good!


Give these a go! Condense your tasks, make life easier on yourself. Steal an hour in the sunshine on your lunch break to top up your tan and your sense of freedom. Treat yourself to the perfect evening when you get home from work. I wish you a good Monday today and every Monday!


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