Wellbeing Resolutions That Don’t Revolve Around Weight

Happy new year, everybody! It’s a great time of year to review our wellbeing but also to brush off a diet culture shit storm. The older I get, the angrier I am that people financially benefit from making women hate themselves. Does that make you uncomfortable too? Here are some new year resolutions for better wellbeing that cost nothing and don’t revolve around weight!


wellbeing new year resolutions that don't revolve around weight


Get more sleep

Nearly all of us could do with more sleep! Sleep has a great range of benefits for your wellbeing and your physical appearance. Sleep heals the body. People who get more sleep tend to have more collagen, less wrinkles, better concentration and better general health. Disordered sleeping can wreak havoc with nearly every part of your body and is simply not worth it! Remember that you are not a machine. Meet your basic needs!


More water, less caffeine

How much caffeine do you drink daily? I typically have between 4 and 7 cups of tea or coffee a day. How much water do you drink? I typically drink around 5 glasses. A good general rule of thumb is to drink a glass of water per other, less healthy, beverage to flush out toxins! Other drinks are typically littered with sugar and flavourings. Caffeine harms in two main ways: it dehydrates your skin and body and it makes absorbing iron near impossible. In 2018, replace one cup of coffee a day with iced water – if it’s cold enough, it will wake you up just the same!


Stand up more

It’s safe to say that a lot of you have an office job and it’s definitely damaging your wellbeing. How many hours a day are you sat down? Excluding the commute, I sat on my butt all day! Now I have a dog, I stand every two to three hours to go outside, as well as an hour walk around the park. She needs to go and I need to stand!

Three of my current clients work in physiotherapy and osteopathy and, as a result, are teaching me a lot about sitting disease. Afraid, I’ve begun to make a real point of standing up often and stretching and walking. Find some helpful facts here to really scare you. From standing desks to walks, we can improve our health!


Wellbeing breaks to reduce your stress

Managing your stress is the most important thing you can do for yourself for your health. I was recently advised, ‘by the time you’ve got the biscuits, you’ve got no teeth’ and the sentiment is true. We tend to work ourselves so hard that it compromises our health and then what good is our success? I have been experimenting with reducing my stress for a good couple of years now. Find some ideas on managing stress here.


Why is wellbeing so important anyway?

Neglecting yourself and misunderstanding the importance of wellbeing is a terrible mistake to make. In simple terms, you do best when you’re at your best. You can’t always do your best if you’re not feeling your best. With stress being a great killer and too many people wearing themselves out and highlighting this fact as a badge of honour, it is more important than ever to take our health into our own hands!


What are your new year wellbeing resolutions? Here’s to a healthier new year!




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