3 Winter Essentials For Your Desk

Winter is the hardest time on our skin and wellbeing, what with the windy weather and shorter days. Here are three winter essentials to keep on your desk to soothe and repair winter blues.


3 winter essentials for your desk



Candles are soothing and calming, both to look at and to smell! Always keep a candle on your desk during the winter to perk you up on those cloudy gloomy days. Try to choose a clean or uplifting or energising smell, such as laundry or citrus or mint. Make sure you can easily see it from the corner of your eye as you work and enjoy feeling cosier and calmed!


Hemp Hand Cream

My hands have always suffered in the winter and owning a dog has made that far worse! Having tried a range of products over the years, that have both helped and hindered, I have found the Body Shop’s Hemp Hand Cream to be the best, by far! It doesn’t smell as good as other hand creams, but it is thicker and richer than most and soothes instantly. Nourish your skin and your cuticles, give yourself a hand massage as you use it and enjoy the benefits! My hands are always so much softer and healthier when I use this regularly, which is why it’s the perfect winter essential to keep on your desk!


Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream

We can’t have a blog post about winter essentials and not include the holy grail- at least my holy grail. Elizabeth Arden’s 8 Hour Cream is basically the mother of all winter skin problems. Whether it’s your face, body, cuticles or lips that are suffering the winter itch, this thick honey-like serum glides on easily and heals quickly! Chapped lips are nourished and soothed immediately whilst cuticles soften and skin hydrates! You can buy this product in a variety of forms, from chapstick to body cream, but for the solution to every problem, you need this main man on your desk!


There you have it! My three winter essentials to keep on your desk to survive the season! What are yours?


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