5 Weekly Rituals For a Fresh Start

Happy Monday! How quickly they roll around! This week, I am feeling refreshed, thanks to a long weekend. How are you feeling? Just like the sun triggers your brain into knowing to wake up or to go to sleep, there are triggers to help you kickstart your week! Here are 5 things you should be doing weekly!


weekly tasks


Plan your week

If you feel lost, it’s probably because you have no idea what you’re doing. At the start of the week, I often feel like I have too many tabs open in my brain and am trying to hold all of the balls that week but end up dropping them if I don’t have a proper plan. On a Sunday night or a Monday morning, jot down any deadlines, meetings or dates in a planner or calendar and then write out the week’s task in order of urgency. If you’re twenty-something and don’t have a planner, you must be losing your absolute head or have nothing important to remember!


Wash your make up brushes

This is especially important if you’ve been finding that your make up just isn’t sitting right on your face at the moment! It’s probably somewhat down to the tools you’ve been using! I’m terrible at this myself but I’ve been washing my foundation brush twice a week lately, as I find that clean bristles better stipple my make up than clogged up ones! Use a soap or spray that actually kills bacteria too to stop shoving dirt into your pores!


Sanitise all gadgets

Make time to sanitise your laptop, your phone and any devices you use daily. When I’m cleaning my house, it isn’t clean until everything in it is! If you can’t take your laptop into public right now because of all the fingerprints on the screen and crumbs on the keyboard, you’ve got to ask when the last time you did this was. Keep germs at bay and rest assured that your devices are properly clean by chucking some alcohol wipes at your devices on a weekly basis.


Fresh bedsheets

For me, nothing signifies a new week like fresh bedsheets. A Sunday night is not complete without a face mask, a mini pamper session and slipping into bed feeling absolutely fabulous and well looked after! Also, if you’re not already doing this, that’s kind of gross.


Set goals

A sure fire way of getting what you want is by expressing exactly what it is that you want. At the end of an old week and the beginning of a new one, reflect on your goals. What do you want of the new week?  For example, I want a quiet week, one where a lot of work gets done but I don’t have to stress or over-exert myself. There are errands to note but clear goals to set about achieving! What do you want?




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