5 Ways to Spring Clean Your Life

It is officially British summertime and the sunshine is bathing London! Wherever you are, happy spring! I get the same kind of new-year thrill around this time of year and get to organising and spring cleaning my life! It’s good for us to have a fresh start! Here are 5 ways to spring clean your life.


spring clean


Clean Your HouseĀ 

This first one is obvious! Spring clean your house! A tidy house is a tidy mind and your home should be your sanctuary! Go through your home room by room and give it a good going over. Hoover, polish, dust, tidy up and rearrange to your heart’s content! Don’t forget the extra mile things such as cleaning and disinfecting doorhandles, washing any curtains and rugs and flinging open the windows to let in all the fresh spring air!


Unsubscribe From EmailsĀ 

I don’t know about you but if I’m trying to keep my work email on inbox zero all day, I’m certainly not going to battle with my personal inbox too! Spring clean your emails! Unfortunately nowadays once you’ve given a company a slither of attention, they follow you around with two emails a day and it’s absurd. I’m trying to lead a quiet notification-free lifestyle where I can and clear my head of all the buzz. Every email that comes in, scroll to the bottom and hit ‘unsubscribe’! It feels really great to take control and ditch the crap!


Gut Out Your Wardrobe

Be realistic. When was the last time you sorted your wardrobe out? I don’t know about you but I have a rail and shelf system and it only takes a few lazy weeks for everything to get out of hand! I’ve got things hung up that shouldn’t be, clogging up the rail space. There are clothes that didn’t make it to the shelf or the rail and are slung somewhere near it. It’s an absolute disaster zone! When you’re spring cleaning, go through your wardrobe and give what you no longer wear to charity. Fold what should be folded and hang what should be hung. Create a more functional wardrobe that doesn’t stress you out in the morning!


Clear Out Your Phone

You might not think this is going to be a big task. You are wrong. Don’t worry. I’m here to walk you through it! First thing’s first. Take a look at your home screen and flick through your apps. There are some crappy ones there aren’t there? Bin them. Next, organise them into folders. I have ‘social’, ‘productivity’, ‘travel’ and ‘extras’ and keep everything tucked away neatly in their rightful place.

Go through your messages next and delete the random conversations you don’t want. Every local restaurant that sends you offers, every delivery update text, all that crap can be deleted. Sift through your photos and delete those that you don’t want, save those that you do on your computer or a USB stick or print them off and frame them. Check your reminders section and see if there are things you can remove. I’ve asked Siri to remind me of a lot of stuff that pops up on a daily basis that I never hit clear on!


Clear Out Your Laptop

This is one for my working gals! Especially if you are a social media manager! Go through your downloads folder and delete what you don’t need. Delete clients’ photos you no longer need anymore and everything you’ve recently saved just for the minute it took you to schedule the content! Sort out all those files that never made it to a home by filing them away. Run the updates that you’ve been ignoring and make sure your desktop is a clear and welcoming space. I’m not going to tell you about your emails again!


Approach the new season with a fresh mind and fresh surroundings!





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