5 Ways to Keep a Blissful Workplace

I have been freelance for five months now and I’m learning a lot about my working habits as I go! One of the most important elements of working from home is having a workplace and it can be difficult to find what works for you. Your workplace has to be inspiring and it has to be functional. Here are the ways I have found that keep a blissful workplace.


Keep it Clear 

I am usually an incredibly tidy person but when it comes to my desk, I’m a disaster. Staring at a screen all day can sometimes distract me from seeing what’s around me. It is not unusual to end the working day by taking a look at my surrounding area and being absolutely horrified. With multiple notebooks, pens, phones and more, it’s easy to throw things about but try to keep your workspace clear. Essentials only, no clutter! I keep my laptop and my iPad on the desk and try to keep mess in a drawer – easy to get to but out of sight!


Keep it Clean 

Leaked ink, paperwork, post-it notes and (let’s face it) biscuit crumbs take over a desk. Whether you’re a germaphobe or not, you’ll feel better for a regular thorough clean! Every week or twice a week take an alcohol wipe to all devices as well as the general area. That means cleaning every phone, your laptop, your mouse and desk and anything else you grab on a daily basis.


Boost Your Mood

A workplace is a workplace, whether you have complete control of it or not. The urgency to leave the office still sticks around when you work from home. That’s why it helps to have multiple workspaces to boost your mind as and when you need a change of scenery. If I’m not being productive in one place, I find that I get much more done when I move to another! I have also recently been playing around with essential oils to manipulate how I’m feeling. Neom Organics Scent to De-Stress initially got me interested and I’ve been making my own diffusers ever since. Having something that smells good on your desk can really help! It also maintains a relaxed atmosphere – even on a stressful day!


Keep it Comfortable 

Make sure your workspace is in a good environment. Think lots of natural lighting and greenery. Also ensure that it’s comfortable. Is your desk chair promoting good posture or is it uncomfortable? Are your surroundings somewhere that make you happy and inspired or are they too gloomy for productivity? No one will judge you, especially when you’re self-employed, if regular upheavals of furniture are what works to keep things interesting enough! I move our apartment around all the time for a change of scenery! Also, remember to have fluids on your desk for regular rehydration to avoid slumps.


Choose Music Carefully

Another great mood manipulator is music. I find it difficult to concentrate with chart music, I feel sad if I listen to acoustics and I feel sleepy if I listen to classical music. The key is finding balance, and I guess everyone is different, but use common sense and have a play around. I have found lots of playlists that keep me going so if you need a head start, try looking at the ‘concentrate’ section of Spotify or ask for a radio based on the kind of music you like to work to. I find classics such as The XX, Alt J and London Grammar are very chilled sounds to work to!


Make your (albeit small) office a great place to work and see your productivity increase!

If you have any tips of your own for maintaining a blissful workplace, please leave them in the comments!


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