5 Ways to Protect Your Eyes From Screens

We all depend on, and spend way too much time, staring at screens. From studying with them to working all day on them, our eyes just can’t get a break. But here’s the thing: it’s damaging! From blue light to wacky sleep habits – and don’t even get me started on radiation, we need to break up with our screens! Here are 5 easy ways you can protect your eyes from your computer.


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Regular breaks

This is probably the most obvious place to start. Take a break from your computer screen. Do you eat lunch at your desk? That’s not taking a break. Do you turn away from your computer only to scroll through your phone? Still not taking a break! I’m honest about the fact that I will keep on working if I’m plugged in. Unplug your laptop and use the low battery notification as a sign to take a break. Leave your laptop to recharge. Resume working when your laptop is charged and ready to go again!


Eye drops

Invest in some high quality eye drops. No, not the kind you get in Boots. Go and see your optician – because you should see them regularly anyway, and because they have some really great advice for your eyes! Once you know how healthy (or unhealthy) your peepers are, you can get help. Fun fact! When we are using screens, we actually don’t blink as much as we should! This can mean that your eyes are dry, which can make them sore, red and watery. Invest in some eye drops for this very problem and give them a helping hand!


Listen to your eyes

Your eyes will tell you when they’re tired. From itching to losing focus and that heavy eyelid feeling, you’ll know when you should take a break. Instead of fighting the feeling, start doing what your eyes want you to do. Have some screen free time, let them recover and return when they feel less irritated. You’ve only got one set of eyes and you really need to start protecting them!


Anti blue light glasses

Your screen is flickering very quickly even though you can’t see it. It is also emitting a blue light that’s harmful to the eye. Most opticians now offer an anti blue light lens to block this blue light getting to your eye and giving your sight a helping hand. If you don’t wear glasses and won’t be headed to the opticians, buy a non-prescription pair of glasses with anti blue light lenses. At first, your screen will appear more yellow than you’re used to but once you’ve used these glasses, you’ll wonder how you ever looked at such a harsh light without them.


Lighting is key

Monitoring the brightness and the lighting of the room is so important. Why do you think most smartphones now have an automated screen brightness option? Staring at a bright screen in a dark room is bad for you. Staring at a dark screen in a bright room is bad for you. Without realising it, your eyes will strain to try to give you what you want, which can cause headaches and migraines (and frown lines). Be aware of your surroundings and check if you’re scrunching up your face every once in a while!


We don’t yet know the long-term effects of screens on your eye health and vision and not enough people are talking about it. This is especially surprising given that we all mostly work on a computer on a daily basis! From what we do know so far, these should be your main concerns!




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