8 Reasons You Should be Keeping a Diary/Journal


Hello lovelies,

In the new year I decided to get back into the organisation of things by making more of an effort to commit to diary keeping. Whilst I still don’t do as good a job as I should be or write as much as I aspire to, I thought I would lay down the benefits for both my own motivation and perhaps even yours!

  1. They improve creativity. Getting your thoughts down might inspire a new project. It also systematises your ideas and helps you process and brainstorm.
  2. They can be practical. Jot down important dates, times, meetings and deadlines, its the ultimate organisation companion.
  3. They serve as your memoirs. You can go back through journals and relive exciting times in your life and remember how you felt. If you don’t write things down you might lose the memory completely!
  4. For clarity and decision making. Journals provide a blank space for you to work out how you feel and jot pros and cons of any situation to help you understand what you really want when decisions need to be made.
  5. You can write what you really think. Vent it all out so that you don’t explode with unsaid thoughts one day to someone who might be offended. Journals don’t judge.
  6. The mental benefits. Venting helps, it releases stress and organises your thoughts so you’re not so confused. You know how people say a problem shared is a problem halved? Well the same theory goes here.
  7. You can track your progress and work towards goals. This keeps you on track for doing stuff that’s productive for you and might stop you going backwards. It might also give you a wonderful boost when you see all the things you’ve achieved!
  8. Journal keeping is genuinely cool now thanks to people like Emma Watson, Carey Mulligan and Gwyneth Paltrow who all claim to be journal keepers!

If you love a bit of Paperchase in your life then paper notebooks might be your bag but for those of you who need something quicker or more technologically convenient in your life then I recommend apps like DayOne which are pretty good at documenting and journaling for a small price.

Hannah x


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