A Day in The Life of a Freelance Social Media Manager

Hello lovelies! Ever since I took a career u-turn and became a freelance social media manager in May, I’ve been getting a lot of messages! I like to give you what you want so, without further ado, here is a day in my weekday life!

day in the life freelance social media manager


The first thing I do, once I’m up and showered and caffeinated, is sit at my desk to answer emails. There will be some that demand immediate attention and some that even add an hour’s work to my day so it’s important I understand what the day holds! Answering emails can take anywhere between 20 minutes to an hour and a half. Being a social media manager is understanding that media is instant, so people tend to want instant responses and immediate fixes! Sometimes an email check in the morning that I blocked an hour for can take all morning if there are heavy tasks in there!



Being a freelance social media manager, it can be tricky to know how often to touch base. I send a weekly email to all clients but I also have calls for major launches, new campaigns or any package changes. If a client wants a call, I typically try to schedule them in the morning. Most clients are abroad so a call is over Skype. You’ll find me at my desk, ready with a cup of tea and two biscuits, with a mind map of ideas to present to the client!


Online Engagement

A lot of my social media work is scheduled in advance because I’m organised but I do have to remember to be present. So, the next thing I do, around midday, is post organically to every client’s Instagram platform and engage with their audience. Then, I move on to other platforms and engage there. This process takes a good few hours because of the amount of clients I have to get through!



The next task is to stay on top of content so I go through each client and schedule a day’s posts across their channels. For example, on a Monday, I will be scheduling the following week’s Monday of posts. Again, this task takes a few hours. It’s probably the longest task of the week but the most essential!



Some clients require blogging work so that’s my next task. I try to stay ahead of schedule but, ultimately, content has to be current so it’s a pretty quick turnaround. The work also includes finding photos, sizing them and captioning them etc, as well as practicing good SEO.


More Admin

By the end of the day, my emails are full again, so I’ll go and handle them. I also have to stay on top of client communication, my invoice, my filing and monitoring analytics to be able to update clients with their successes.

I typically stop working when Adam comes home but occasionally, I just migrate to the sofa and continue working if the day is particularly challenging or if there are campaign deadlines.


So, for any of you wondering if being self-employed means you get more free time, you can see it doesn’t! You do, however, get to take the occasional conference call in your PJ’s and decide your own hours! Because I always accept opportunities that significantly raise my salary, I do tend to work more than the average person, sometimes clocking in 12 hour days! But, I genuinely enjoy what I do and the freedom to do what I want when I want.

If you found this interesting and want to know more, feel free to ask. I’m not shy!

H x





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