A Face Full of Kiehl’s

IMG_1051Hello lovelies,

This isn’t so much as an updated skincare routine as it is a night time routine, hence the photo. When my face is in dire need of a hydrating treat this is what I use!

I think I recently mentioned my love for Kiehl’s ‘Creamy Eye Treatment’ and I have used it every day over any other eye cream. It’s thick and luxurious and gives my eyes the nourishment they need. I get dry eyes often and when I’m tired and my eyes feel all tight and heavy this is just beautiful on my delicate little under eye areas. I could not recommend this eye cream enough.

I recently ran out of my Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief and instead of replacing it with another one I was feeling more spontaneous and so I decided to branch out from my typical comfort zone and try something new. Having had a few testers from Kiehl’s I decided to commit to buying their ‘Ultra Facial Moisturiser’. I was actually pretty pleased with my purchase considering it cost me half of what I would usually pay at Clinique and for double the amount!

It’s great. It’s definitely a cream which was strange to revert to having used the gel substance of Moisture Surge for so long which also meant that it felt strange to have a wet face as opposed to Moisture Surge immediately being absorbed into my skin leaving me matte rather than shiny. This isn’t a problem for me in the evening if I’m just sitting around or going to bed but I recommend you leave enough time for the cream to soak in before applying make up if you use this in the morning. In addition to that morning advice, I’d also suggest you powder your make up in order to set it because I have found that creamy moisturisers make my face slide off if I don’t!

The cream isn’t strongly fragranced, it is highly moisturising even if this means having a moist face for a while and it does the job: it rehydrates my face wonderfully. The only problem I have had is if I have particularly dry and broken skin, mostly from blowing my nose, it can sting a little, but only for a second. The results are great and it’s safe to say that Kiehl’s has saved my face and given it the life it needs.

I recommend you get your face full of Kiehl’s the first chance you get to tide you over until the sun- and spring, comes out to stay!

Hannah x





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