A Hundred Pieces of Me Review


Hello lovelies,

I have been reading this book for a while now. I first heard about it a while ago and just have not had time to sit and read something so this was obviously the first book I picked up when I broke up from university this summer. It has not disappointed me.

It tells the story about a woman, Gina Bellamy, who has been through a divorce and, upon moving into her new apartment, realises amidst the hundreds of boxes of belongings, that she was bringing in lots of things that would be shoved into cupboards and never seen. She decided to personalise her apartment by reducing all of her belongings to 100 things that she can place on show in her apartment that say something about who she is.

Each chapter begins with a flashback type anecdote about the next object she has chosen to keep, how it came to be in her life and why she likes it. So from frequently visiting her past to switching to her future, readers can really connect with the protagonist, develop a strong background of the character yet up until the very end, I was left wondering many things- namely who is Kit?

It’s sweet, it inspired me to declutter and think about what my belongings say about me, it was a really enjoyable read and I recommend it. Are you moving house? Read this. Do you enjoy books that encourage self-reflection? Read this. Do you enjoy books that represent love in every single way it could possibly be embodied? Read this.

Also, on a side note, it is quite a decently chunky book- rare these days. If you’re going on holiday, this would be the perfect size to last you a week or two.

Love, Hannah x


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