A Week in Italy

In September I finally got to tick a long-awaited destination off my bucket list. You’d think, since my boyfriend is half Italian, that I’d have visited the country before! Since I work a lot, it’s taken me 5 years to make the trip but it was definitely worth it!

rome trevi fountain



We began our trip by heading to Rome. All that we had on the agenda was beautiful sights, delicious food and copious amounts of wine and the city did not disappoint! We managed to spot our hotel before we had even landed, thanks to it’s interestingly shaped pool! After being chauffeured to the hotel, we settled in quickly and raced straight into the heart of the city where we found a restaurant willing to serve us 45 minutes before closing time. The first thing I learned of Rome is that their glasses of wine measurement is essentially a bowl as I necked two ‘glasses’ and began my first night feeling a little wavy! As expected, the food was delicious. We tipsily tottered back to the hotel with our bellies full!

On our second day in Rome we had a rather disappointing sightseeing bus company take us around the main sites. There were so many beautiful things to see and, of course, the main attraction was the architecture everywhere. We stopped for food way more than we should have and enjoyed ice cream by the pantheon and more delicious pasta right by the Trevi fountain. We spent our final evening in Rome soaking up the last bit of sun by the pool and eating pizza.





Valvori is a small quaint village about 1,300 feet up in the mountains, near Montecasino. After a twisty journey up the mountains, you can enjoy lots of fresh air and the most incredible views of the surroundings mountains and the glow of the town below at night, lit up like Christmas! We spent some time with family and caught a lot of sun which is exactly what a holiday is all about!




After a road trip to Sorrento, we hurried to the marina to catch a session with Umberto, a kayak instructor. Having kayaked before around Copenhagen, we wanted to challenge ourselves out on the sea! We strapped into a twin kayak and got to see some old ruins, an old fishing cave, a picturesque pool full of honeymooners and then headed back to the marina. We had a great time, especially when we got to rest our arms and have a swim around a cave! After a quick snack and a slight mishap detour around the mountains, we arrived at our resort. To my delight, it had a pool and two resident cats who may or may not have been welcomed into our apartment to stay overnight before rudely eating their way through our breakfast brioche and leaving before daybreak!

During our time in Sorrento, we got to eat in the square, peruse the lanes of shops – every other one smelling of lemons, and enjoy some incredible views. I could definitely spend a week in Sorrento and will consider it in the future! We spent our last day lazing around the swimming pool and I wouldn’t have it any other way!


what I read in September


Final thoughts

Rome is a fantastic getaway from everyday life – especially if you are looking to spoil yourself with sun, sightseeing and delicious food and wine. But definitely avoid tourist traps and keep your head down when exiting metro stations – they smell you a mile off and harass you for all sorts.






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