A Welcome & a Scrunchie Selfie

Hello hello hello!

As you may have noticed, the blog is no longer ‘Love it London’ but is now ‘Hannah’s Happy’.  This is because I was no longer just posting beauty posts and I wanted to make the blog something more personal to me seeing as I was posting things about myself and my thoughts on the latest trending topics.

So here is a big welcome to Hannah’s Happy and here’s hoping you’ll still be interested in reading what I write here.

You can still expect posts on beauty and fashion because I won’t stop shopping but expect more personal posts too and a posting schedule of Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

In other news, has anyone else tried out the scrunchie trend? I saw some cute scrunchies in New Look and picked them up because they’re better for your hair and I think they look quite cute. Very 90’s.


Lots of love,

Hannah x


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