Acrylic Manicure


Hello lovelies,

I feel like the acrylic manicure craze has died a long time ago and now, in its place, stand gel nails and shellac manicures. Although I am glad that salons are finding healthier alternatives, sometimes it just isn’t enough.

I only had one issue with acrylic nails and that was the damage to the nail bed that is necessary for them to work. However, my nails couldn’t be more damaged to begin with. I have super weak nails naturally- they won’t grow even a tiny bit over my finger without flaking off or breaking. They always look short and a state and there’s nothing much I can do with them so I gave in.

You’d think it would be easy to find somewhere in London that does acrylic manicures- you’d be wrong. I’m not sure whether they have just gone out of fashion and therefore out of demand or whether salons prefer to carry out the healthier alternatives but I could not find a salon which A) did acrylic nails and B) had customer reviews.

Eventually, I just went to Westfield (White City) and went to Le Monde nail bar. I was seen to really quickly and they did a good job. It was a smooth manicure- no bump where the tip extension is and I chose a very pink shiny Essie polish. They also rounded the tips really nicely- I prefer oval shaped nails to squared because (ironically) I think they look more natural.

I might write a follow up post to inform you how they wore and whether they lasted.

Hannah x


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