My AD Theory (Pretty Little Liars)

Hello lovelies, I have been a fan of Pretty Little Liars (and I have also not been a fan of Pretty Little Liars) for ages. The finale is (in the UK) on Wednesday and it was really important to me to try to figure out who AD is and I think I’ve got it all figured out.

As a disclaimer, I just want to say that I’ve watched the last few episodes very closely and have hunted for clues in the set of Pretty Little Liars, as we know Marlene hides clues in the background. From what I have seen, this is my interpretation of who AD is. It could be nothing but it also could be everything so, if you don’t want to know who AD is, then please don’t read on.


What we Know of AD

AD took over the game when Charlotte died, meaning AD probably knew of Charlotte’s death early on.

AD is close to Aria and gives her more time out.

AD is in The Brew a lot, leaving clues and earwigging on conversations.

AD has to have access to medical supplies (scrubs, needles, insemination).


Penultimate Episode Clues

The arrest warrants weren’t for the same episode, they were days later (I.e. next episode) and the girls were wearing different clothes and weren’t being arrested on the suspicion of murdering Rollins, but for the murder of Mona. So next episode, Dr Sullivan won’t pick up Mona, AD will and will kill her for killing Charlotte, and then frame the girls for it. This is because, as we know, AD liked Charlotte a lot. They placed flowers in her hand before throwing her body out the window and kidnapped Hanna and tortured the girls in an attempt to find out who killed her. They only relented when they realised that the girls didn’t know.

AD will kill Mona for killing Charlotte and then frame the girls for the murder as punishment for not giving Mona to AD or the police but to her doctors.

The pie place Ezra likes so much has made a comeback, after being seemingly irrelevant all this time.

Ezra’s brew has a new bar sign that says ‘Rear Window’. Ali wrote all the names she has ever gone by on the blackboard in Ezra’s old classroom and we have seen all but one: Emma Thorwald – a character from a film ‘Rear Window’, where a man watched his neighbours very closely and discovered that his neighbour killed his own wife, so he tried to avenge her by proving the neighbour guilty.


Ezra is AD

Ezra has been around from the start, doing suspicious things. He met Alison before he became a teacher at Rosewood. How? Because he went to the same college that Charlotte and Melissa went to. We know Ali spent a lot of time at college with Cece and that must be where she met Ezra. We also see that Ezra meets Aria at the same college, in the bar there, in the pilot episode.

Ezra and Ali were sort of intimate. He became obsessed with her and they met regularly at the pie place. He would write about her. We know that this is how Ezra became A before – he was obsessed with Ali, Ali appeared to have been missing or dead, and he stalked the girls to try to prove their part in it all whilst simultaneously writing a book about it. We know all of this. We also know that Cece was on his payroll, so they were working together as A before.

The pie place makes a reappearance this episode, as AD asks Mona to meet them there. This is also the alibi for where Ezra was on the night that Charlotte died, which we already know is a lie because we saw Ezra and Aria spot Charlotte walking around Rosewood just moments before she went to the church.

Let’s talk about Rear Window and it’s connection to Ali, obsessed with character Emma Thorwald. The dream scene of Rollins coming back to kill Ali is another link to the plot of Rear Window and, in this scene, we see that Ali is wearing the ring still. We know that this scene is not the long awaited ‘We came back for you so move it!’ scene because the blackboards are different. In the dream scene, the blackboard has Ali’s disguises. In the other scene, it just has classroom stuff on it.

After the dream scene, Emily and Ali wake up to discover that the game is in their house. The mobile phone of the game lights up and plays a video of Alison on the night she went missing. She is sitting on the kissing rock, speaking to someone, saying ‘We don’t have a lot of time’. We know that, at this point, she has seen Ian and she has seen Toby, as she is wearing their clothing. Are we being reminded of this night because she met someone else there? I think so.

On the kissing rock, is a love heart surrounding two names, initialed together: EF + AD. It has been there for years. What if the initials are not Emily Fields, as we know Ali constantly toyed with her and did not commit in any way to their relationship, but the initials are Ezra Fitz and Alison Dilaurentis? They knew each other and very well could have been to the kissing rock that night. We also know that Mona suspected Ezra of this very thing and knew of Ali’s departure from Rosewood. She tells Ezra that his choice of books on the reading list (masks, disguises, different identities) is very revealing about him.

The set was also incredibly interesting in the last episode and made an extra effort to point to ‘books’. From the books in Ezra’s apartment to the books in the brew, the signs all around his flat that literally say ‘books’ and his comment that he has a major in English literature so there’s nothing he can’t do, these are all a BIT MUCH don’t we think? Is it a reminder of his bookish ways and the lengths of exploitation he went to just to write his last book? We know he isn’t over that because he recently wrote a book about Nicole, for Aria. Now, let’s look at the facts here.

The game began again with the board game, when Ezra arrived back from New York. Coincidence? Every time the board game makes the girls do a terrible task, Ezra is out of town or nowhere to be seen. The game seems to let Aria off the hook and offer her a way out, suggesting that AD sympathises with her. Ezra knew about the file. As AD, I think he blackmailed Aria with it to see if she would turn against her friends and then recruited her when she did. He also saw her leave in her A uniform and then AD text her to say ‘You DO look good in uniform!’ as if an inside joke. When AD rang Aria outside the baby shop where she abandoned Alison, she told Ali ‘It’s Ezra’ so she could talk but is this a clue? Aria’s clue also appeared in The Brew. Close to home for AD!

When Aria is driving away with the body of Rollins in her car, she speaks to it, saying that the body knows who AD is, who is it? And, if they’d have kept quiet, she would have carried on just as AD wanted. This is not what AD wanted. The scene then cuts to Ezra panicking about the fact that Aria, and the car, have gone missing. He is freaking out that the group let Aria go off on her own and things are clearly not going to plan.

Ezra also acted weird when he told Aria that he had to fly out to Maine. For one, there wasn’t a single flight on the board that said Maine, so where was he actually flying to? Secondly, his flight was delayed, but then to win points with Aria he said that the flight wasn’t cancelled, he just wouldn’t get on it. Why bother lying to win her over? That’s weird. He also looked as though he knew Wren, recognised him even. This is interesting because we know a doctor who had access to Spencer in London, i.e Wren, has been meddling in the girls medical affairs from the beginning. Have they been working together the whole time? I think that Wren is the other child that Mary Drake had in Radley and had to be sent away, raised in England, hence we know nothing of his family, and he had a strong connection to Spencer, without even knowing her.  (Or, Sara Harvey was, and that’s why her home situation was so fucked up that she had to stay at Emily’s, and is why AD killed her, because she found out).

We know that Mona was stuck, traumatised, with Charlotte’s body in the steeple, but don’t know who moved her. I think that Wren found Charlotte and Mona and, having treated them both at Radley, felt sympathy. I think that he helped Mona get out, placed flowers in Charlotte’s hand, pushed her out the window to get Mona off the hook and then left. I think that Ezra saw Charlotte’s body thrown from the steeple and then became AD again because 1) she was dead, leaving the position empty and 2) he knew her from college and worked with her doing A stuff before, as we saw her on the A payroll.

Marlene said it comes full circle and this does. There are some other notes I have and some points I haven’t worked out so here goes:

On the night Ali went missing, Spencer and Aria had a weird reaction. When Aria woke up, and Hanna said ‘Where’s Ali?’, Aria said ‘We don’t know’. Not ‘I don’t know’ but ‘we don’t know’ so was she working with Spencer? When Spencer turns up, she says ‘She’s gone. I’ve looked everywhere for her’. But notice the necklace change. In the barn before Ali went missing, her necklace is square. When Ali and Spencer fight in Ali’s back garden, when Ali finds Spencer’s drugs, Spencer’s necklace is two circles on top of each other. When Spencer returns to the barn, the necklace is square again. (Also, Aria smiles when Spencer says Ali is gone?)

Spencer regularly  has episodes of fit that she can’t remember and her family joke that she has an evil twin. Recently, Spencer visited Toby and was all wrong, even Toby said she wasn’t acting very Spencer-like. The wound on her shoulder, which we saw to be healed before, was fresh, and a bloody bit of glass was found in Spencer’s shower. They might go for a twin thing with Spencer and Mary Drake’s other child, which is why Mary included the bloody glass in her cover up for the girls, to protect both of them.

Remember when Hanna was being tortured in a barn by A and she hallucinates Spencer? Spencer has had a fringe for the whole series, except that hallucination, where she had old Spencer hair. When Hanna says that she can’t help because she’s not real, the Spencer lookalike says something about how facts differ depending on what you know to be true, i.e. she’s only thinking she’s not real because she looks different and Hanna doesn’t know she exists yet.

Also, remember when Melissa left Rosewood and recorded a video for Spencer admitting that she tried to kill/bury Ali to protect her but it was Bethany (which we will obviously find out now)? Spencer watched from her laptop, obviously upset, but the cutaway scene shows her looking very serious, in the same room as Melissa, watching from behind the camera, which was in shot, as Melissa looked at her reluctantly and told the story to the camera. At the time, I thought this was a metaphor that Spencer finally felt so close to Melissa, it was like she was in the same room during the confession, but when this is done in a film, it removes the middle man, which in this case, is the camera, and people remain the same. Spencer was crying in one scene, serious in the cutaway, and the camera was in the cutaway too. Is this Spencer’s twin making Melissa confess? We know that Spencer with a different necklace was with Ali in the garden that night and high on drugs. Could she have actually been the one to kill Bethany but then made Melissa say she did because she needed people to not know she existed? We also saw Spencer, in different clothes to what she was wearing all episode, with Wren in the airport, telling Ezra not to say anything.


The musical scene, recently seen, the one where Mona is an officer and puts Ezra in jail is a foreshadowing of the finale, ‘Til Death Do us PArt’. Mona will be murdered and the girls will be framed but the police will find Mona’s notes on AD before she went a bit loopy, and it will be her notes that put Ezra in the firing line. Remember how she only saw Aria picking up the clue in The Brew, while she was snooping around and looking for something herself in The Brew? She was on to Ezra as AD!!!! The person that gave Jenna the ‘endgame’ gave her a pile of pages in a folder. It’s Ezra’s manuscript. Pretty Little Liars was his book, or maybe he’s calling it ‘The Lady in Black’, and that’s what Marlene’s ”The Lady in Black’ is endgame’ tweets are all about. Either way, it ends with his book, just like before.

Basically, I think that Wren will come back and show that he had a part to play in all the medical stuff, the torturing, and he is going to have helped out. Mona will die. Ezra will, eventually, be found out, but he will also die. The girls will go on to live their life. And then they’ll do some Mean Girls type ending, where the new teen bitch, Addison, and her friends will suffer the same stuff.



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