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Hello lovelies,

It is estimated that there are around 9 million unhomed cats in the UK. As a cat lover, I find this number devastating. I adore cats, I think they get forgotten behind the old saying that dogs are man’s best friend. The truth is that cats are too. First of all, I’m going to tell you how wonderful cats are- especially as emotional support animals! And then, I am going to show you exactly what you need and just how easy it is to adopt and rescue your cute companion and give them the warm, loving home they deserve this Christmas.

Cats are just as loyal as dogs.

I have found that every cat I have owned has primarily been mine and has demonstrated loyalty to me. Cats pick their owners as much as owners pick them. Generally, if you show love and affection and ensure that your cat is securely attached to you and knows that you will meet its needs, it is yours.

Cats are just as readable as dogs

I hear from so many different people that they don’t understand cats behaviour and that is why they prefer dogs. Cats are just as easy to understand as dogs. They purr when happy, they meow in distress or for your attention, they rub your legs to demonstrate affection and they groom you out of love. They puff up when they’re alarmed and to make themselves look bigger because they perceive a threat. They offer you their belly when they really trust you. They are really easy to read especially when you really get to know your friend.

Cats are really affectionate

Cats have their own scent in their cheekbones and so if a cat ever rubs its face on you, they are scenting you and saying ‘this human is mine’. How lovely is that? Cuddles are endless when it comes to cats, especially if you socialise them properly. A cuddle with a soft fluffy ball of warm fur is always glorious.

Cats have healing powers.

Cats purr for two main reasons: firstly, to demonstrate their happiness and secondly to heal. The purr vibrations are within 20 and 140 Hz which has been scientifically proven to be medically therapeutic. Cats purr to heal themselves, other cats and other people. If you have ever wondered why your cat has come to sit with you when you feel sad or distressed, it is because they can sense illness and wish to aid you with their purrs. This is not only the most comforting sound in the world but does good too. Admit it, this is pretty magical.

A quick online check will reveal all of the adoption centres and rescue shelters near your location so be sure to rescue rather than buy from pet shops. So many cats are homeless through no fault of their own and all they want is a loving and safe home.

I have had cats all of my life and have not found them to be any trouble. They are, perhaps, one of the loveliest and easiest pets you could have! Here are the set things you need for a feline friend:

  1. A few water bowls
  2. Food bowls
  3. A carry case- preferably normalised in everyday life
  4. Soft blankets in cosy spots
  5. A bed
  6. A litter tray with litter and newspaper and a pooper scooper
  7. Disposable gloves to change the tray with and poo bags
  8. Dustpan and brush to clean up stray litter
  9. Play toys that make noise for hunting
  10. Scratch posts or a cat tree

As long as your cat has plenty of water dotted around the place, a warm and cosy spot to go when they’re tired, a litter tray away from food and water and playthings that encourage hunting, exercise, jumping and scratching, they will be happy and healthy.

Basically, as much as I want to rescue all of the homeless cats and dogs in the world, I can’t but I can provide information and advantages of having pets in the hopes of helping others open their hearts and homes to furry floofs!

Hannah x


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