An Ode to Autumn


Hello lovelies,

The leaves on the large tree right outside my window have all fallen off, leaving it bare and rather sorry looking. Now its branches no longer ruffle in the wind but scratch at my bedroom window. That’s how I know that winter is here. I knew Autumn was over when the leaves were no longer satisfyingly crunchy underfoot and now, instead, they’re a golden slip test for your footwear, daring you to fall.

I’ve ditched light cardigans for coats and my chelsea suedes for proper winter boots with thick grip. Autumn was over to be replaced with Winter on the very first day of November which brought such a cold chill and fog that I had to wear a bobble hat to keep my ears warm and a scarf! It has since been better but I think we’re in for a really cold winter this year.

Autumn was great this year. It flew by too fast, as always, but was wonderful whilst it was here. Everywhere looked beautiful with scattered orange leaves, even the dreariest and uninspiring of places, like the estate I live on actually. Autumn feels like magic because no one is cold enough to complain but the air has that slight cold that’s just enough to get excited for everything Christmas.

The fashion was good this Autumn. I bought two new coats. I bought a new scarf. I bought a new bag and two new pairs of boots. I mostly wore light jumpers or dresses and tights with boots and scarves. I brought out darker lipsticks and enjoyed all of the plaids, patterns and suedes.

This Autumn, I tried to get things done, I attempted a new way of documenting life and whilst it wasn’t perfect, I’ll keep at it. I got some decent work done for university, I picked up many hours and good pay checks from work, I finished a really good novel (review coming soon) and I celebrated my favourite holiday: Halloween, with some of my favourite people.

It was a happy month. To celebrate the coming of Winter properly, I bought two bottles of mulled wine. So cheers to you, Autumn, for being good to me again. I already miss you…come again soon, okay?

Hannah x



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