ASOS Haul & Try On!


Hello lovelies!

I recently became a big fan of ASOS! I had looked before and not found anything that I thought was particularly me but over the last month I have come to adore it! Maybe it’s just part of growing up but I’m slowly buying more formal pieces for my wardrobe and ASOS is just too easy with all those shops and designers in one place so I went for it. I feel like I bought enough to do a little haul!


White Shirt

So I’ve been wanted a classic white blouse/shirt for a while now as they look so cute over skinny jeans and with some jewellery. I adore the shape of this one, though it is on the large side! I ordered an XS so couldn’t go any smaller but love it all the same.

‘Wonder’ Token Necklace

I bought this necklace because I don’t own any gold jewellery. I am a big fan of silver jewellery; my watch, bracelets, rings and necklaces are all silver and I stick to what I know but lately I’ve been buying bags with gold hardware and now, apparently, shoes with gold detailing so I decided I needed to buy a little gold something to incorporate gold on top. I really like this, it is really pretty, quite a dainty option- I have never been one for chunky statement pieces, but this is just enough for me!


Black skinny jeans

In a recent wardrobe sort out, I learned that my black skinny jeans were so old and worn that they were greying and had holes in and I realised that a pair of black skinny jeans is pretty staple in my capsule wardrobe so I had to replace them for a brand new pair! These jeans are just the standard ASOS own black skinny jeans and are a lovely fit!

Ripped Jeans

I have been converted to ASOS jeans! I finally picked up a pair of jeans with ripped knees and they are so soft and so comfortable, I love them! Cannot vouch for how they wash as I haven’t washed them yet, though I am prepared for the possibility of them fading.


Gold Zip Boots

These are going to be marmite I think. I love them and my boyfriend isn’t sure but I think they are a bit of something different, especially as all my chelsea boots are plain and the biggest difference is some are suede and some are faux leather. They’re a nice fit and look really lovely and add a bit of something to an outfit with the gorgeous gold detailing.



Peacock Print Shirt

I am loving ‘Monki’ on ASOS and this is my first purchase of theirs. It’s just a small splash of colour into my black and grey wardrobe, this is as colourful as it’s going to get I think! The print is a busy one, with swirls, paisley patterns and peacocks, it is really light fabric and fits me like a dream, making my arms look flatteringly thin! It is a little longer than expected but that’s because I’m not average height. I planned to wear this with leggings but will most probably wear tights instead! If you purchase these then downsize!

Black Leggings

This is a plain purchase, obviously. I bought them because they are a necessity but I will make an unpopular opinion here and say, although they are good, they aren’t as thick and as good quality as the high waisted leggings from River Island. I don’t often buy from RI but their leggings are the best.


Loafer Shoes

I’ve been admiring loafers on everyone else’s feet and never got round to buying my own pair until now! They’re really comfortable, your basic every day shoe and look nice with leggings and skinny jeans. I did buy a size 5 but they’re too big so I have sent them back in exchange for a size 4. if you purchase them, I would downsize.


I really needed a pair of slippers for the house and I’d put off buying some because I usually get some for Christmas but I didn’t this year and these were in the sale so I went for them. One string of beads has already come off the bow which worries me because I could have slipped on them or something, but other than that mildly annoying fact, they’re super soft, fluffy and cosy! As usual, downsize!

Sorry that I don’t have every item photographed! Adam and I just kind of did whatever my sick body could manage!

Hopefully it was interesting anyway!

Hannah x



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