Autumn Fashion Haul 2014


Hello lovelies,

As you may have already gathered, I am more than slightly over summer and truly looking forward to Autumn and Winter. Although I absolutely hate to be cold and grey skies aren’t as good as blue skies, I think that layering clothes and the general fashion in colder weather is the best kind of fashion and is, without a doubt, my favourite season to dress for! It just suits me better I think.

My, slightly larger than anticipated, haul can be divided into stores and I shall start with the less expensive of them: my purchases from New look…


First of all, I really liked the style of these jumpers and they were so cheap that I bought two! Pastel pink and baby blue! New Look, £9

I’ve been looking for a blazer jacket for ages now because I love the style of them and they keep you warm but are good for days where it’s chilly but not quite winter coat weather i.e. perfect for Autumn. I chose grey because I have a lot of bright coloured scarves (i.e. bright pink) so I think this will go with them. New Look £24.99

My dolly shoes are forever getting ruined and I don’t have a single pair of black flats right now and needed them for work so I picked up these suede pumps for £12.99 from New Look.

Then I moved on to Urban Outfitters, a shop I absolutely love but can rarely visit because the prices aren’t as well suited to my student budget. However, when a season turns over it is the perfect time to pick up wardrobe staples so I figured that there was no better time than to pay a visit. I picked up a few items including the following:


I picked up this aztec vest top because the pattern is cute and I think this would look nice layered under a cardigan. It’s one of those tops that you can wear with black jeans and a plain cardigan and it just adds some colour without you trying hard. It was in the sale for £9.60

Next, I finally picked up a top I have had my eye on for ages; the sunflower top with 3/4 sleeves. I thought it would look cute over my Levi jeans because they’re high waisted and this is cropped. Would look fine as is or can be jazzed up with a knitted cardigan. In the sale for £14.40

One piece was, admittedly, more than what I budgeted but I’ve been looking around for something like this for ages. It’s a simple blouse with a cute collar that is floral and cut out looking. This top is versatile because it would be fab in hot weather as it is light but I am putting it in my autumn haul because it is the feature of the pretty collar that makes it stand out and the collar coming out of jumpers or sweat tops would be SUPER cute especially if you added a small necklace in between the collar! As I said, more pricey, at £30.

Speaking of necklaces, I don’t really wear jewellery simply because I don’t have it. Other than my gorgeous Swarovski watch that my lovely boyfriend bought for me and my ring collection, I don’t have much else. I was looking for casual necklaces just to throw over a jumper or something so it looks like I made more effort than I did. I’ve noticed that layering necklaces is the trend at the moment so when I saw this it seemed perfect. Again, in the sale at £14.

What would an Autumn haul be without the purchase of a new scarf? I kind of want a classic red tartan one but don’t really have the clothes to match those colours so I played it safe and went with this one. Black, white and grey check scarf, super soft for £12.

Alas, I was a numpty and left all my winter stuff at home. It’s not a huge deal because I needed a new coat anyway. I have a stunning red winter coat with a huge hood, little red riding hood style, but I needed something that was just as warm but waterproof as well. I’m the moodiest person ever when I’m cold and doing night shifts. Walking and waiting for my bus in the rain didn’t appeal to me so I bought something to snuggle in!


This was Topshop last year, parka with fur lining and a big hood. It’s long too so it keeps my legs warm as well. It can’t be bought in shops anymore but, from what I’ve seen, the coats in this year’s stock didn’t appeal to me as much. I confess that this cost me £80 BUT coats are a worthwhile investment and last years if you’re good with them.

So, I hope you like what you see and are more enthusiastic about the summer leaving and autumn approaching now. It might not be the time of heat and sunshine BUT it IS a perfect season for fashion.

So, weather, bring me your worst, I’ll be ready for ya!

Hannah x


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