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Hello lovelies!

What do you do when you feel homesick but you don’t have a home to remedy it with? I recently suffered a slight homesickness bout where I really missed my old family home which was recently sold and yet my student pad felt just that and not homely. I felt like I had no sanctuary to run to that made me feel like it was home so I sought to make my current flat feel more like home to me to try to make me feel better.

I picked up a few cosy autumn pieces for my room and they really have made the place feel more personalised, highlight my decor taste and are just beautiful so I thought I’d mention them to you in case any of you also have your own place and wanted some autumn inspiration!

The first thing I picked up was this beautiful ombré blanket. It’s a grey and white soft piece with rugged tassels on the ends. I adore all things monochrome at the moment so a touch of white to dark grey ombré blanket seemed perfect. I have a thick fleece white and grey geometric style blanket which sits on my chair to cushion the butt when I am working but this one now sits on the end of the bed and is so comforting, I love it!

The next thing I spotted was this rose gold basket. I originally thought it would be good to have as a floor piece filled with shawls, blankets and maybe a statement cushion- sort of a cosy go-to for the chilly evenings we’ve started having. However, I accidentally picked up the smaller size rather than the larger size and although the blankets would fit in there, I found better use for them as a cosmetics holder on my dresser. I have my eyeshadow palettes, hand creams, dry shampoo, powders and my make up brushes in them now. I have slotted my vintage shades over the top of the basket to add a more personal touch.

I also want to give a shout out to the beautiful artwork on the Starbucks cups this year! I kept one on the off chance I could find a use for it because I adore the autumnal doodling on it and now it holds my make up brushes! I don’t care if this seems really cheap and tacky, I love the artwork of it!

The final thing I picked up was this rustic moroccan style tray. I’ve been waiting for the right tray to come along for my coffee machine so that’s what I bought this for but when it got here I decided that it was too pretty to spill caramel latte and chai tea on it and so it now lives on my bedside table and looks after my wooden chest of crystals and some skincare products that I reach for before I go to bed!

Well I hope that this was somewhat interesting to those of you who are into home decor and autumn time!

All of the above products can be found at H&M so if you wanted to shop for yourself that is where you can find them!

Happy autumn,

Hannah x


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