Autumn Lush Haul – Soothing ’16

I have been meaning to hit the Oxford Street Lush store again for this season’s goodies for a long time but, having spent a lot of time out and about recently, I finally got to incorporate it into my day! The Oxford Street Lush is my favourite because it has a lot of exclusive products that you can’t get anywhere else and a lot of the autumn and halloween products aren’t online. It’s only small but this is my autumn Lush haul!

autumn lush haul pumpkin leaf butter bear teabag star bright


To kickstart the season, I thought I would pick up a brand new bath bomb! This gorgeous pastel coloured leaf is my new favourite! It smells like a lot of things but mostly sandalwood and really soft cosy scents. I know a lot of people enjoy the sweeter, fruitier products of theirs but I find them sharp and jarring at times. This autumn leaf bath bomb is rich but soft and is just the cosiest product yet! It’s quite a slow burner and fizzes out the sides with yellow and orange colours with hints of green just like an autumn leaf and leaves your bath beautifully orange! Of all the products in this autumn Lush haul, this is my favourite!


Halloween is my favourite time of year. I don’t think there is anything better than being your ugliest, concealing your identity and having the crap spooked out of you! There are SO many great Halloween products right now, including the adorable Boo the ghost and some great melts. The bath bomb of choice in my autumn lush haulĀ is the pumpkin. It is so incredibly cute and the detail of the face and grooves make all the difference. It smells like sugar and biscuits which I love because, again, they’re soft and cosy smells!


The star bath bomb is so pretty. It’s not colourful so it gets completely lost within the store displays so I don’t know how popular it is but I adore it. Because it is colour free, it won’t mess up blonde peoples’ hair but it’s also more soothing sometimes to not have crazy colours. I think this counts as a Christmas product and it’s super hard to get hold of but worth it. It smells like vanilla and a little shea butter but definitely more vanilla! It’s just really cute and (for some reason) also a lot cheaper than the others.


I love a good butter bear. He is small and cute and smells like cocoa butter and I include it in every autumn lush haul because it is comforting, it smells cosy and it softens and nourishes my skin just when I need it. There is simply no better time to give your skin a nudge in the right direction before winter sets in and dries it! I have also included a half used lavender tea bag in here because it is so soothing. It’s a bubble product rather than a bath bomb but it smells divine and is the most soothing bath!

I shall be having many a relaxed autumn evening, thanks Lush!

H x



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