Autumn Winter Skincare – Morning Routine

Colder weather is here, the wind batters at our faces while we scrunch our toes up in our winter boots and shrug our necks deep into our soft scarves. It’s so important to protect your skin in autumn and winter. These are the products that help me glow! Here is my autumn winter skincare of every morning.

The first thing I do when I wake up is wash my face. Last night’s deep moisturiser is gently washed off with a soft muslin cloth and warm water. I give my eyes a nice soothing warm splash of water to rid them of sleep and wake them up.

autumn winter skincare


I start my autumn winter skincare with the Origins Ginzing refreshing eye cream. I dab a little bit of this cool, pink serum under my eyes and the caffeine and other substances get to work minimising the swollen dark circles and brighten my eyes instantly.


In the daytime I like to wear Kiehls Ultra Facial Moisturiser because it is light, thin in texture, easy to apply, quick to absorb and nourishing. It leaves me soothed and glowing so if you’re into a dewy make up look then I can promise you that, with or without your daily face on, this moisturiser makes you radiant!


Anti-Ageing is part of my autumn winter skincare too: the Elizabeth Arden Prevage City Smart. (Blog post about its benefits here). I add a pump of this to my face every morning and it evens out my colouring, protects my skin from sun and pollution and readies it for make up.

Occasional Use

I included my Origins Ginzing mask in here as well because it really is more of a morning thing than an evening thing. I apply this once or twice a week and let it work it’s magic. It clears out the pores, brightens my complexion and makes me glow.

Remember to look after your skin!

H x


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