Bach Rescue Chewing Gum Review


Hello lovelies,

I haven’t done a review post in so long and honestly this is because I haven’t been trying out that many new things lately. My priorities are pretty much just revolving around university work and exam revision etc. However, I recently tried a new product to tackle travel nerves so I thought I would briefly discuss it.

My mother pointed out Bach to me in Boots on my last visit home. I don’t want to use the ‘A’ word because people keep glamourising it and that’s wrong but I will say what’s needed: I get really nervous when I travel. I don’t know why exactly, or why I am particularly bad on trains but basically, I get very stressed and nervous when I travel and it makes me get all hot, sweaty palmed and whirly tummy’ed and it’s really inconvenient.

I do everything I can do to try to lessen the stress of the process: I leave a whole hour earlier than I need to so that I know I have plenty of extra time in case something goes wrong or I am delayed at any stage in the journey, I listen to music, I wear loose fitted clothing and I have everything prepared at hand but none of it really helps- even though there is no rational reason why I should feel nervous.

So,  the brand was pointed out to me in Boots and they have a large range of products including gum, tablets, oil and pipette etc but basically all products have a combination of flower essences in them that, when taken in around 4 drops, aim to soothe and relax you. The gum was about £5 I believe, so quite pricey but worth trying.

The gum itself is fine, the packaging is great and very handbag friendly- although a plastic pot could be an improvement as sometimes the card thing unclips and the box is left open in the bottom of my bag which is gross. I did not have a problem with the taste of the flower essence oil because all I could taste was the spearmint of the gum. Did it work? I don’t know. I took two over the course of the journey and they settled me for a while and I had less butterflies in my tummy than normal but as I also performed a breathing sequence, I cannot accurately say whether I was better because of just the gum- but I will say that if it aids anyone in combination with other methods then it should be tried!

The only reason I am not going to say that Bach is a miracle worker is because I know how much I wanted it to be and the whole placebo effect might be occurring- but I can say that I will continue to use the products and I do strongly recommend any other nervous travellers- or nervous people in general, should at least try it!

Hannah x



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