My Imperial Typewriter; Back To Basics


I recently bought myself an Imperial typewriter. I’ve wanted one for a while now but didn’t ever really have the need for it but this year I have really made the extra effort to journal and I realised that there are two types of writing I tend to put there; I write about my day, what I did, how I felt and try to describe the most special days so I can have them there to look back on and then there’s the miscellaneous writing; the weird thoughts and notions I jot down that have no purpose.

I wanted to try to write something every day and I thought that I might write in my journal as always but also make the actual effort to continue creative writing be it short stories, short poems or the odd philosophical thought, it is good to just maintain a good standard of writing. A typewriter is a great way of getting creative writing done if you’re easily distracted because there’s no way of gong off to browse the web!

I’m really enjoying it so far; I am writing down my thoughts and learning to love poetry again and sometimes, I will admit, Adam and I write each other cute little notes for each other to find! It’s just a bit of fun and strips everything back to basics and has me remembering to take inspiration from my own head rather than the many distractions online. Since I spend all day staring at a computer screen at work, it does me a lot of good to not have to do that when I get home and want to write some more!

Buying A Typewriter

If you’re thinking to buy a typewriter, be smart about it. Plenty of high street brands are now selling them for hundreds of pounds which seems convenient if you’re already there but actually do your research about the brands to decide which is best for you and check the year of production and whether or not it needs servicing and if the ribbons are still in manufacturing but if you’re smart on eBay you can get a deal for a tenner!

Remember to treat yourself sometimes!

H x


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