Backyard Cinema The Lost World

A few weeks ago, I was kindly invited to the Backyard Cinema to experience their latest immersive theme: Lost World and I was not disappointed!

backyard cinema lost world london



backyard cinema lost world london

Image credit: Backyard Cinema


Image credit: Backyard Cinema





Where is Backyard Cinema?

The Backyard Cinema is set within Mercato Metropolitano, an Italian inspired food hall where people pick whatever they desire from the range of food stalls before dining together on the picnic tables.

The outside of the Backyard Cinema, tucked in the corner, looked like a tomb among a jungle and we were eager to get inside to see what awaited us. We crawled through the hole, pulled ourselves up and found ourselves in a jungle. From the water, crickets and monkey sounds to the greenery of the area, we were immersed immediately, before crossing a bridge and swinging like Tarzan into a plunge pool of foam rocks. I all but fell into Backyard Cinema…and fell in love with the idea.


The Lost World

Steadying myself on the bark floor, I really did find myself in the Lost World theme and saw before me, the jungle bar, some cosy beanbags, blankets and the gorgeous decor of the jungle. Pillars, foliage, an impressively large skull and juicy jungle cocktails had me at hello before the film even started.

Meeting the BC team was a pleasure, they are all incredibly passionate and accommodating (and just really cool people). They regularly think up new and exciting themes to decorate their screening room and are committed to authenticity in the immersion from the very moment you enter. You’ll find yourself feeling closer to the setting of the films they deliberately make relevant to the theme.

I recommend Backyard Cinema to anyone looking to cosy up with friends or a loved one! They even have date night tickets! As for me, I’ve been invited back to immerse myself  in CHRISTMAS and couldn’t be more thrilled!

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