Barry M Gelly Hi Shine review!

Hey guys!


I was really excited to try the new Gelly collection by Barry M, not just because they are my ‘go to’ trustworthy nail brand but also because I have really weak nails that tend to split into layers and flake off really easily and I feel like my nails need some TLC!

I can’t always afford false nails, acrylics or gel nails at a salon so I was looking for a nail polish, thick in texture, that could act as a protective shield for my weak nails.


The colour range for this particular product includes both dark shades and brighter shades to cater to all tastes and I eventually chose the ‘Papaya’ colour to purchase- perfect for summer!

As you can see, the thick texture does not compromise smooth application at all and they look great!

Typically nail polish lasts only a couple of days for me because of my heavy handedness, my working in retail and just day to day activities that chip the polish. However we have a BREAKTHROUGH! The polish lasted a week and a half before showing signs of wear and chipping which is incredible for a nail polish under £5!

Both the long-lasting colour and the thick ‘gelly’ texture of the Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paints lead me to recommend that each and every one of you go purchase a few of these, ESPECIALLY if you have weak nails like I do!

It’s a yes from me!

Hannah x


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