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Hello lovelies,

I will admit that, until recently, I have never bought anything from The Body Shop that wasn’t hand cream, body wash or lip balm. Until a recent promotion by a few bloggers, I had barely thought about their make up products. However, when I took a look I was actually tempted to try a few products and so I now own their ‘Brow and Liner Kit’ in shade ‘brown and black’ and their ‘Colour Crush Lipstick’ in colour ‘Coral Cutie 105’ and thought I would take the time to talk a bit about them.

The brow kit is a good compact solution. The shades are pretty standard and I find that they blend well. I tend to use the brown shade and it suits me just fine. The brush applicator folds so that it fits neatly in the bottom of the compact which is a very good idea in theory but I find it difficult to use sometimes because I have to hold it in an uncomfortable way to hold the applicator open to avoid it folding but this is a minor issue. The applicator has an angled brush at one end and a thin long brush at the other end. Both are good, I find the angled side more useful and mostly just use this end. The brush is quite sharp and rough feeling but  tames the brows which is the purpose after all. This brow kit has been in my staple collection so I’d definitely recommend it!

The lipstick is also very good. I feel like the colour I chose would get mixed reviews; it’s not fully red but it’s not orange or pink either, it’s sort of a hybrid in the middle but I love it because it’s quite different. I wore both products at Christmas time so you can see the colours on me right here! The lipstick is more shiny than matte which I prefer sometimes because then it doesn’t dry out the lips. It adds colour to my complexion and is super long lasting- it endured many glasses of bucks fizz and a Christmas dinner so what greater test?

To summarise, it’s well worth looking into The Body Shop for make up, people don’t mention them as much as they should and I would recommend the products I’ve tried! Furthermore, they claim to be animal cruelty free which also goes under the radar of beauty! It’s very important to support the cruelty free companies!

Hannah x


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