Being a Tourist With my Family

As mentioned in an earlier post, (the explanation for my absence), I spent some time with my family recently. As they all work as well as myself, it’s difficult to get everyone together and in one place but nearly everyone came to see me in London recently and it was really lovely.

My parents really wanted to see the poppy display at Tower Bridge Castle. As I am sure you are aware, it has been 100 years since World War One and to commemorate this, 888,246 poppies will eventually be placed on the site to represent each soldier that fell in the war. So we went along to see it and, as you can see for yourself, it was pretty stunning.


We also went on a boat cruise up the river Thames where different buildings, bridges and attractions were pointed out to us and I actually really enjoyed this as it gave me lots of ideas for things to go see and do. Most of the things pointed out were things I hadn’t heard of or didn’t know about so I’m excited to go and see some of them in my spare time.

My family couldn’t stay with me in London but my sister did stay for a few days and we did some tourist stuff like went to the London Dungeon which was so much fun! You’re only in there for just over an hour and it was really jumpy but the effects were really clever (without giving too much away) and I think it was worth it. It was pretty busy as well because it was raining and people wanted some shelter but we got in straight away without queuing but this was probably because we went for a morning slot.  I promised my sister I would take some tourist pictures for her and I hope she doesn’t mind me sharing a couple with you…



The photo outside the dungeon is my favourite, as my sister is preparing herself for all the pooping possibilities lurking in the corners of the dungeon! As you can see, we were rained on and had soggy shoes…but we still had a lovely time and I’m glad that we soldiered on in the bad weather because I don’t know when we will next be able to spend time together like this.

I just thought an update was due and I hope that you all had a nice summer break too,

Hannah x


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