Benefit Roller Lash Review


Hello lovelies,

Long time, no beauty. I recently felt compelled to buy and try the new Benefit mascara: Roller Lash. As a very enthusiastic and loyal fan of the original They’re Real mascara, I had big expectations for this newcomer, so let’s talk about this because I misjudged it…twice.

The Benefit Roller Lash mascara is priced similarly to the They’re Real one, coming in at £20 which is pretty standard for a good quality mascara and I’m not shy of spending that because I have faith in Benefit. The packaging is, again, a little cardboard box with the benefits of the product (pun not intended). There was also a leaflet folded inside the box which also advised how to best use the product for different looks.

The brush is plastic which is a change from the bristle brush on They’re Real. There are very teeny tiny little combs on the brush which kind of do their job in coating the good stuff onto the lashes but, in my opinion, the brush on They’re Real is better because the bristles are long and plenty and really work their way through to separate the eyelashes so you don’t have to do any work with it, just tug They’re Real mascara through the lashes quickly and they’re perfect.

The Roller Lash is not the same, you have to put more effort in to compensate for the brush but not knowing this, the first time that I used the Roller Lash mascara I sucked at applying it. The brush wasn’t the right shape enough to separate my lashes and I didn’t wriggle it from side to side enough to compensate for that so they all clumped together like glue.  Basically, the first time I used it: I didn’t like the brush, I didn’t like the sticky texture of it and I wasn’t happy with my messy clumped up lashes. I thought the product would be good because the last mascara was, then I tried it and was disappointed.


I befriended the brush with time and practice. I think I just had to learn to best use it and it requires a different technique than I did the old brush. What I do like about the brush is the curve of it. I love curly eyelashes so I curl them first and then the brush perfectly moulds the lashes like a happy little jigsaw (I’m very tired, sorry if my descriptions aren’t top notch). It also is incredible for the lower lashes because the brush is thin enough to not make mess but catches every single one.

The mascara remains quite tacky for a while before it dries so keep still!

I find the mixture to be heavy which weighs the lashes down no matter how much I curled them BUT a second curling session and mascara application and they’re perfect! They then hold their shape all day, I literally do not have to touch them until I wipe them off in the evening and they’re still curly then!


Basically, if you have been thinking about trying the new mascara then I strongly suggest that you do. Just note that the first time you use it is very different to the old They’re Real mascara so my advice is to wipe off the excess mascara off the brush before you use it, really wriggle the brush through the lashes and separate them out. Let it dry before applying a second coat and you should be good to go all day!


Hannah x


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