Best of Clinique- My 7 favourites!

As a girl with sensitive skin, it was only natural that I delved into the goodies of the Clinique counter! Here are my favourites!
In the skincare category, you cannot beat the ‘Rinse off Foaming Cleanser’. It smooths onto your face in a creamy texture which foams as you work it in and washes off your face leaving such soft, moisturised, clean skin behind. I particularly like this cleanser because it deeply cleanses and smooths skin but it does it in such a gentle way.
My two favourite Clinique moisturisers! The ‘dramatically different’ moisturiser is quite creamy and runny and is good for just everyday use where your skin needs a fair amount of moisture. For days where your skin is particularly dry, you cannot beat the ‘Moisture Surge’ product. It has a gel-like consistency which I personally love and it gives a really deep conditioning to your skin. I find that using this on dry patches will have them cleared up within days!
Moving on to skin products: ‘Redness Solutions Powder’ comes in cute packaging with a mirror, the powder section and a compartment underneath that holds the brush.  As far as free brushes go, this is very good- it’s soft and perfectly usable, despite the fact I prefer big brushes to apply powder. The colour looks very yellow but it doesn’t come out yellow on the skin; instead it evens out skin tone and diffuses redness of blushes, heat flushes or even (let’s be honest) drunken pink skin! (Yes I have tested that). It’s definitely one to carry in your bag!

I have two favourite eye products of Clinique’s. Firstly, for dark circles or bags their ‘All About Eyes’ cream can be applied under the eye to soothe, cool and reduce puffy tired eyes and feels lush! Secondly, Clinique’s ‘Quickliner for eyes, intense’ is by far my all-time favourite eyeliner! It’s quick and easy to apply- one slick run across the eyelid not only glides easily but is enough colour because its so pigmented- as ‘intense’ as the product claims!

Finally, lip products! (You know what I’m gonna say!) The Clinique Chubby Sticks of course! I saw these at Christmas last year and I knew that I’d love them! Lipsticks tend to dry my lips out but it’s so rare that I can find a lip balm that’s pigmented enough for colourful lips. The Chubby Sticks therefore are the perfect compromise because they are so colourful and pigmented but also quite wet and moisturising to the lips. My favourite shades are ‘Watermelon’ for nude days and ‘Chunky Cherry’ when I fancy being more adventurous!

There you have it! My top seven Clinique favourites!

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  1. September 3, 2013 / 6:34 pm

    Ooooh I really want to try some chubby sticks! Have you tried lip ‘crayons’ from other brands that you’ve liked? I’m on a self-imposed makeup shopping ban, but…perhaps something inexpensive would be ok? Haha 🙂

  2. September 4, 2013 / 2:11 pm

    Hi Katherine 🙂 I do believe that bourjois have bought out something similar a little cheaper and I’ve heard great things about them! They’re called ‘colour boost’ and they’re about £8 from Boots in the UK. I think I’ll purchase some myself because they’re kinder to my purse than Clinique haha! I admire your self constraint x

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