Big Autumn Book Haul

The Man Booker shortlist was recently announced and I’ve been steadily building a list of books in my Amazon basket. Last week, I gave in to temptation and bought them all! Here’s my crazy autumn book haul.


autumn book haul tbr

The Power 

Winner of this year’s Bailey Women’s Prize for Fiction, The Power is about a world where women have the biological upper hand, instead of men. From what I can tell, the girls are born with a sort of electrocution power. They can use it however they like. I find the concept of this book so interesting since it flips what we know to be true: that men are biologically safer. I can’t wait to read it but I hope it isn’t too Margaret Atwood. Hopefully this author has a better and less violent writing style!



I think this book is about love and hope. That’s pretty much all I know about it. The cover is beautiful and this author has written many other seasonally-titled books that I can’t wait to pick up after this one! This book is nominated for and shortlisted for the Man Booker prize and I trust their judgement! It was quite cheap and looks a quick read so pick up Autumn if you’re up for something cosy.


Eleanor Elephant is Completely Fine 

I’ve seen this book everywhere which has clearly hypnotised me into buying it. I think it’s about a 20 something woman whose career is fine and whose life is fine and she is fine but not fine! Eleanor does all the things she’s meant to do but she also manages to drink two bottles of vodka every weekend. Having never read anything about an alcoholic (other than Girl on The Train which obviously is very different), I’m excited to give it a go.


Exit West

Exit West is a highly talked about novel at the moment. It has so much good praise behind it. I believe it is about a couple who have to flee their home country and seek refuge elsewhere. It is about love and hope and learning where they can fit in and start again. I’ve never read anything like it so fingers crossed I enjoy it as much as everyone else seems to!


History of Wolves

The protagonist of this story has a dysfunctional family background and when a new family move in across the lake, she thinks they are perfect. Hired to babysit the children of the family, the protagonist enjoys spending time with and feeling a part of her new acquaintances but there are dark secrets lurking in the home. I think this book will be absolutely brilliant and the right kind of spooky to read in October!


The Keeper of Lost Things

I bought this book because of the pretty cover! It’s also been chosen as a Richard and Judy Feel Good Book of the Year or something. I don’t know what that means but it sounds positive so I’m going to give it a go! This book had really mixed reviews on Goodreads but I tend to find that I hate the books everyone else loves and loves the ones everyone else hates. I shall probably update you on whether I’d recommend it or not!


If you’d like to read these along with me then click the links for some great discounts on the books! I’d also like to hear from you some book recommendations. My favourite fantasy books are The Luminaries and The Night Circus. Favourite literary fiction novels include The Book Thief, Wuthering Heights, The Tenant of Wildfell Hall and The Muse. If you have similar taste to me in literary fiction (no romance or commercial fiction please!), then please get in touch!



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