Blog Collaborations – How to Get a PR Team to Work With You

A lot of my job is about brand building, establishing and maintaining a positive online reputation and creating a space where customers can reach a company. Another part of the job to pair the right companies with the right social influencers. Blog collaborations! I regularly seek and organise collaborations with bloggers so my clients can target the right audience and raise their profile. Since a lot of my readers are bloggers, I thought it might be useful for me to share with you some information about what we look for when choosing suitable bloggers. Here’s how you can put your best foot forward in blog collaborations.


blog collaborations how to get pr to choose you



Brands who know their stuff will come to you for blog collaborations. Smaller brands often hire PR teams to help put them in touch with the right people. When you see a PR request and want to reach out, it is important to treat the communication as a job application. You need to give the best proposal you can. Just like a retail manager wouldn’t apply to work in finance and just like an ice cream man wouldn’t apply to be a sommelier, the first step is showing interest in relevant collaborations. Know your audience’s interests, your brand and stay in the right lanes. When you find that PR request that is totally you, here’s what can do to set you apart from others.


Quick response

What are blog collaborations all about? We’re looking for someone to promote and raise awareness for a product or service on social media. That means that the best person for the job is alert, on the ball and proactive. If you browse PR requests regularly, apply earlier rather than later. This demonstrates that you’re a social media regular. You should also be quick with all communication thereafter. Even a ‘best fit so far’ blogger can be crossed off the list after a slow and unenthusiastic email response!


Well-developed blog 

Much like you wouldn’t give a half-arsed CV to an employer, you can’t propose blog collaborations with a blog that’s not finished to a high standard. Make sure that your spelling and grammar is on point, that the features of your blog work properly and that it is clear and easy for readers to use. A few good pointers are a responsive and modern theme, up to date social media links, clear branding and smooth cooperation of all your social media platforms.


Up to date posts

An uninspired blogger hasn’t blogged in a while and that much is obvious when a PR team browses your blog. If your last post was Christmas related and you’ve proposed to us in March, we begin to wonder how regular your blog is. Every blogger knows that setting a regular date to post – such as every other day, helps readers to know when to return to your blog. If you aren’t returning to write your blog then readers aren’t returning to read it! And whilst readership numbers aren’t the most important element, we do want people to see the collaboration. In regards to content, we want to see that you stay on top of current affairs and are ahead of the curve.


Updated PR kits

There’s nothing more frustrating than a blogger who falls at the last few hurdles. If I like your proposal and you have shown yourself to be proactive and a good fit for the profile, I’ll want to contact you straight away. Does your blog have an ‘about me’ page that lists your real name? I don’t want to be unprofessionally calling you by the title of your website. Is there a PR friendly link on your website that tells me how I can work with you? We generally need your name, email address and some information on blog collaborations and terms you will and won’t accept. If you make it easier for us, there’ll be nothing stopping us initiating a collaboration!




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