Hello lovelies,

This post might seem out of place, it might seem like it doesn’t fit here but, y’know, we are mostly all ladies here and my new job has enthused a new passion in me and that passion is breast health. So let’s go ahead with this and delve right into the weirdness.

Boobies. They’re Important. We all have them. Most of us have two of them so that’s double the importance. 80% of British women do not know their correct bra size. You’ve probably heard this a hundred times and ignored it. (Do you want me to say ‘boobs’ one more time to desensitise you, because I totally can?) BOOBS. (Is that better?)

Maybe you think you’ve gotten your size right. Maybe, like me, you thought ‘ah well, they’re not that big so they’re not that important,’. Maybe you exercise without a sports bra. I’m gonna be talking all about these booby issues so here we go.

Get your boobs measured!

I’m serious. I was wearing the wrong sized bra and didn’t know any better. I walked into my training and she took one look at my ladies and said ’34C’. She was right. She got me a balcony bra and a strapless bra and I tried them on and whoa! First of all, it was so much more comfortable and second of all, they looked amazing! They were fully supported and not squashed right to my chest in a bra that was (by the way) TWO sizes too small for me, like before. So, if for nothing else, go and you might surprise yourself by being a whole few sizes bigger than you expected. And, let me tell you, that was quite the confidence boost.

(And yes, you can keep your top on, don’t be shy or scared, no one is looking at your breasts, it is a quick minute of measuring around your under bust and fullest part).

Buy a sports bra

I’m not kidding. I had been working out in everyday bras my whole booby life and not thought anything of it. I’m going to encourage you to have a think: grab your boobs right now, one in each hand, feel the weight of them. Okay, now imagine that weight bouncing up and then dropping down with great force, as they do when you exercise. That tugs on the tissue and can really damage the breast. It makes sense to support them fully so, once you know your bra size, go and get a sports bra. Some of the best ones can reduce bounce six times over.

Check your boobs!

Why not end on a more serious note. Squeeze them, prod them, massage them, feel around and get to know exactly what your breasts feel like so that you’ll notice any changes if and when they happen.

Well, this just about completes breast health 101, thanks for attending the class and I hope you go away right now and schedule in a time to go treat your ladies to some decent proper fitting bras.


Just wanted to say that one more time.


Hannah x


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