Book Corner: Gone Girl


Hello lovelies,

I have been much more efficient lately in completing my work and, as a result, I have finally had the time to return to the reading challenge I had hoped to do this year. Although Buzzfeed has recommended many (which you should totally go check out if you’re bookworm inclined), I decided it would just be better for me to set my own challenge as I have a pile of books I have been hoping to read and don’t want to put them off any longer in favour of books suggested for me.

The first on my ‘to read’ list was the very talked about ‘Gone Girl’ by Gillian Flynn. Having seen the film, I was hooked already but I’d heard that the book was even more brilliant.

I have to say I agree.

The book is split into diary entries alternating between perspective of wife and husband which definitely depicts characteristics more than could be done in the film. I cannot say much more for fear of spoiling the plot for anyone who fancies reading it- which I recommend- but basically it is a ‘did he or didn’t he’ case in which the male protagonist is being accused of killing his wife who goes missing on their fifth wedding anniversary. (Or is it?)

Basically it’s intense, it’s genius, it has an intricate plot with (scarily) thought out twists and turns and I’ve been able to read and enjoy it quickly as it’s a fantastic page turner, (yet super convenient to read on the go as the short diary entries offer good places to stop!).

If you love a good mystery and like to work through your own theories then this is a book for you!

Though I have to say I might be entirely put off the idea of marriage. Like, ever.

Until next time,

Hannah x

(NEXT TIME: Russell Brand – Revolution)


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