Book Corner: The Year I Met You by Cecelia Ahern Review


Hello lovelies,

As you may remember, I said I was going to try to read more books this year, for my own enjoyment rather because I have to for university. My initial schedule of a book every couple weeks did not work out and I realise now that I am far too busy to commit to making that work- but I am still very serious about reading more.

I asked for this book for Christmas and my partner’s parents bought it for me because they’re wonderful. I asked especially for Cecelia Ahern because I had read one of her previous books: ‘How to Fall in Love’ and, although I expressed, in the review, my dislike for endings always being too perfect, I really enjoyed the book until the end. I thought it was an easy read- quick and captivating, and the perfect book for chilling out with. I related well with the characters and found the book surprisingly funny and entertaining.

‘The Year  I Met You’ sounds like it would be a corny romance novel. I am not entirely opposed to a good old corny romcom book but I do find that fairytale love stories get tiring after a while- and are always positively vomworthy at times. What I enjoyed about this book most was that it was more about friendship than it was about love!

It tells the tale of a young woman who has to be busy and keep her mind engaged in work- and it’s what she is good at. She is unfortunately fired and has to comply with a ‘gardening leave’ contract which requires her to not work for 12 months. We follow her journey as she desperately tries to find projects at home with which to entertain herself with and prevent her going completely insane.

I really related with the protagonist, Jasmine, on a characteristic level, because I am always a busy bee, trying to complete a few tasks a day and making lists when I don’t. The progression of the unlikely friendship with her noise neighbour is both amusing and sweet. Without giving too much away, I’ll just say that books about friendship are hard to come by these days and I adored this and recommend it to anyone looking for a girly, easy going read.

Perhaps a holiday book?

Hannah x


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