Books I Read in June

I managed to pick up a few books in June and they were all pretty good so I’m excited to be sharing these with you!


books I read in June


The Secret Books by Marcel Theroux

I picked up this book from my local, Herne Hill bookstore, and was immediately drawn to the cover! It’s religious symbols and colours just had a lot going on to attract the eye! The Secret Books focuses on a Jewish protagonist, concealing his religion to make better relationships through his journalism career, which took him to many places. He discovers secret texts that fill in the gaps where the Bible fails to recount Jesus’ younger years and how he spent his time. The protagonist also finds friendship, love, a spy corporation and betrayal throughout his journey. It also discusses exactly what led to the second world war.

We read the story as the protagonist reads it aloud to be recorded in his old age. It’s intriguing, fast-paced, well-told and mostly true! A thoroughly enjoyable read and probably the most you’ll learn this year!


Circe by Madeline Miller

I think we can all see why I bought this book! Using the well-known to not so well-known tales of Gods and Goddesses in Ancient Greek and Roman times, the story follows Circe. She is the daughter of Helios and often shunned for her lack of beauty and grace, which was typical of nymphs. Over time she discovers her real talent for witchcraft and we watch her life unfold through magic, mistakes and lovers. It’s really fast-paced, a quick and enjoyable read. Highly recommend!


Three Things About Elsie by Joanna Cannon

A longlist nominee for the Women’s Fiction Prize, Three Things About Elsie follows an older woman, Florence, in a care home. One day her young arch nemesis, Ronnie Butler, appears but with a different identity. Her reputation for her erratic dementia prevents anyone around her listening to Florence. This is a tale of friendship, wisdom, loyalty and ultimately, which we discover through many wonderful plot twists, love. If a murder mystery with sweet twists intrigues you, pick it up! I think I even rated it 5 stars!


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