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Hello lovelies! I’ve seen these around and I’m always interested in how people arrange their books. I know some are strictly alphabetical and some people just divide by size and others by author etc. I’m shallow and into home decor so that’s not quite how I do mine. Without further ado, for anyone bookish and nosy, this is my bookshelf tour.



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The top shelf is for top dogs. I try to only keep 50 books at a time and when I go over, I donate some to charity. The top shelf contains books that I can’t yet let go of because I love them or I think I might read them again, give one to a friend or just enjoy the cover being on show. In terms of organisation thereon, they’re literally just organised by size and width and that’s it. I’m not an alphabetical when it comes to books because I recognise covers more than I remember authors. There’s also a little greenery because you have to!

The next shelf is the one with the most meaning. On the left, I have books that are either philosophical or are on a topic that resonated with me. This shelf is a little full of feelings. The other side of the plant, I have stacked my poetry. I don’t own a lot because I’m strictly a thriller or literary fiction kind of gal but what I do own I love. Then I have some candles because hygge.

The next bookshelf is not colour coordinated, though it does look like it. For some reason my ‘to-read’ shelf is just blue and black! There’s also a mix of classics in here. For example, I have read some of these but they live on this ‘to-read’ shelf because they relate to one of the books there. I’ve also got two favourites lay on their side, showing their gorgeous covers under my cacti candles to meet the greenery quota!

The next shelf just has a cushion and a teacup candle that I made. It’s just a soft homey touch to the shelves. The bottom shelf of my bookshelf has books I’ve recently read that haven’t made it to the top dog shelf but also didn’t make me dislike them enough to donate them to charity yet!

I know this whole genre/size/colour thing will tick people off but I’m much more of a decor person than an organiser!

How do you organise your bookshelf?




  1. March 21, 2017 / 1:14 pm

    Nice shelf!

    I like sorting my books by category: language books, comic books, novels, then by size — in no particular order, because I know where I put what. My shelf didn’t use to look as good as yours. Recently after I moved, I realized that I’d had books in boxes or in piles on the floor for a while, so I packed everything up, and to the attic everything went. The only things I have kept are books I use often like reference books (languages mostly). Everything else I borrow from the library or read on Kindle now. (Less “stuff” to put up with and more clear surfaces!)

    Also, 50 books isn’t that many! I have so many that I should give away but don’t want to right now… Eventually I probably will, though.

    Anyway, good job and cute candle!

    • March 25, 2017 / 6:52 pm

      Hi Marie! Thank you for your comment. That’s a great range of books you’re reading! I think because my genres are embarrassingly limited it’s somewhat easier for me. Great idea with the library. I struggle with the attachment to physical copies of books but I hope to be more like you and kinder to the planet one day!

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