Brown is the New Black


Hello lovelies,

Excuse the missed posts, I was feeling rather uninspired and I needed the time to get back into the swing of things. I have returned- and I think I have revamped my everyday make up look!

I seem to have tanned really quickly this summer so with my darker complexion, combined with the inspiration of gold tones that always seem to reappear at summertime, I went on a little shopping spree for new make up. And I surprised myself with what I decided to pick up!

I had previously switched my foundation to a darker shade by purchasing Rimmel London’s Match Perfection in 201 Classic Beige but I decided to try their BB Cream in Medium. I have to say, the BB cream doesn’t work for me, I find that it is too thick to apply easily and prefer the foundation as it is thinner and lighter which seems backwards but there you have it. I also purchased the Soap & Glory Solar Powder bronzer- super brave for me because I usually wouldn’t touch bronzer with my pale complexion. The final product I picked up was the Rimmel London Soft Kohl Kajal Eyeliner pencil in 011 Sable Brown.

Basically, I had a basket full of high street brown products. And I love all of them. On my face today is: the Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation, Collection concealer, S&G Solar Powder, Naked 3 Palette eyeshadow, The Body Shop brow kit, Kajal eyeliner, Benefit They’re Real mascara and Clinique chubby stick in pale pink.

As the weather gets hotter, I assume most of us will ditch foundation entirely for a loose powder and bronzer. What I really want to talk about is brown eyeliner and softer eye make up. Black is pretty unbeatable, it is the classic ‘go to’ colour and seems to suit most people, leaving brown forgotten about. I have light blue eyes with dark hair and eyebrows so there really is no frame for me to work on. Typically, light eyed people would use lighter shades and dark eyed, dark haired people use darker shades- as a general rule. I have always used black eyeliner because it is easy but apparently brown works a great deal better for me, suits my complexion and is definitely a less dramatic look on a dull day.

Also, what happened to eyeliner pencils? I love a gel liner or the Benefit rubber angled liner (forgot the name) as much as the next girl- and I only picked up a pencil because it was SUPER HARD to find a brown gel liner in the leading eye make up brands, BUT I forgot how good a pencil is. You have full control, you can blunt it for a thick line, sharpen it for a fine line, angle it how you want it, glide it across easily and it is so easy to layer up exactly the way you first outlined the eye. Excuse the excitement but I think we should all revert to pencils again!

The Solar Powder by Soap & Glory is widely adored and with good reason. I was nervous to try it because it seems so dark but it’s rather perfect actually. The magnetic case is a good idea because it prevents powder going absolutely everywhere so thumbs up for smart packaging. I don’t know if the camera adequately picked up on it but the bronzer has such a gorgeous shimmer to it as well. I’d recommend to all skin types because if I can wear it, anyone can.

Anyway, I thought I would share my love for bronzed and brown make up looks with you guys and let you know that I’m going bare faced or au naturale this summer!

Hannah x


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