Candles to Add to Your Wishlist Right Now

Happy Sunday! Sundays are all about cleansing yourself off the crap of one week and preparing yourself for the next. It’s usually the day I kick back, relax, spend time doing what I love and then have a quick rally around to get ahead of the week. Whatever I am doing, I have a candle on and I recommend to anyone else with a stressful nature to do the same! Since Sunday is the shrine of candles, here are five candles I’m loving that I recommend you add to your Wishlist right now!


Neom scent to de-stress

The absolute Goddess of all de-stress debriefs. The Neom scent to de-stress is the perfect balance of lavender and musk and absolutely fills a room within the hour. It creates a spa-like atmosphere and is one of my favourite smells ever. I’m slowly gathering toiletries of the same scent from the range. You must place this one wherever you go to unwind after a long day, be that your lounge or your bathtub or your bedroom.


Neom scent to calm

The Neom scent to calm sounds similar to the scent to de-stress but it’s a much fresher scent. It’s still a little bit heavy but the notes are a lot lighter and fresher so it’s a day-time candle for sure. Place this scent wherever you work. I have mine on my desk so I can light it throughout the day as a little piece of zen but it also works on the dining table or wherever you sit of an afternoon.


The White Company Seychelles

I love this smell! It’s a really difficult one to describe but I’m sure it’s a somewhat popular scent in the store so if you’ve ever been in, you probably know which one I’m on about. It’s light and airy but a little bit musky and just screams luxury. It makes a great get-ready candle because it’s a real feel-good scent. It’s perfect for bedrooms or hallways and you absolutely need it in your home somewhere.


The White Company Winter

The White Company’s winter candle smells divine. It manages to encompass all of the best smells of the festive season rolled into one. Don’t think of thinks like cinnamon and strong berries but think more delicate scents like baking and sweets and evenings. It’s one to use when the night time rolls around quick. A ‘I can’t believe it’s already dark at 4pm’ candle where you cosy up and pop the fire on. My only issue with this candle is that it won’t be winter for a while. Get this candle in the seasons box so you can complete the set!


Yankee Candle Autumn Glow

This is definitely a budget-friendly candle and I wanted to make sure I got one in that’s a bit more affordable! The Yankee candles pack a lot of punch for very little pound but I really don’t recommend them if you don’t like strong, overwhelming scents. That being said, the Autumn Glow candle smells delicious! I find that cheaper candles are a bit much so if you do too, get the oil burner wax instead because it’s a little easier going. This candle would honestly make me happy all day and all night around autumn and bonfire season.


Right, you’ve got your order, go forth and go shopping!





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