Casetify ; New Standard Backplate Review (iPhone 6S Plus)

casetify review new standard backplate

Hello lovelies,

It is mostly unheard of nowadays for people to not have a case on their phone. The majority of us now have smart phones that have increased our dependence on them exponentially! From emails to work scheduling, sharing our Google calendars and contacting all our loved ones, we use our mobiles daily and it’s only right that we should protect them! With holidays and travelling dominating everybody’s summer, I thought what better time to promote one of my faves?

If you’re social media savvy at all or even just have an Instagram account, you will have seen and heard of Casetify before but, just in case you haven’t, Casetify is an online store for phone cases, macbook cases, iPad cases and increasingly expanding toward providing accessories for all things handheld. I recently decided that I needed something more sturdy and trustworthy but still wanted my phone case to be really pretty and so I decided to review Casetify’s new standard case.

Casetify’s new standard case is made of two parts: the bumper that goes around the sides of the phone and the backplate that slots inside said bumper. You can choose the colour of the bumper you’d prefer or get more than one for an array of choices! Any original phone cases you may have seen on the website now come with the option to only buy the backplate which is cheaper and means you can spend what you save on more plates!

The first thing you need to know is that this case is tried and tested. The drop test has been done by many people, multiple times and the phone remains entirely in tact, no smashed screens, no scratches, no grooves or broken phones! Curious? Visit their Instagram account here and see for yourself! I did not intentionally attempt the drop test but, as a clumsy person, it inevitably happened and I can confirm that my phone was safely protected! The standard case was built for busy lives.

casetify review new standard backplate

Secondly, the new case allows you to swap your backplate whenever you please! That means, especially since you’re only buying a backplate which is cheaper than the whole case, you can match your phone to your outfit or just change it up if you regularly change your mind like I do! So, if you’re looking for a life-proof phone case that’s sturdy yet stylish, look no further than Casetify. With thousands of different prints, you are guaranteed to find something that’s just for you!

And if you’re partial to some crystal inspired cases, or the specific ones that I was sent then they can be found here and here.

casetify review new standard backplate

You can even follow the artists that you buy from and be alerted of anything new that they produce! Treat yourself and life-proof your phone– check out casetify and see for yourself!

Hannah x


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