Caviar Peal Bead Manicures!

ciate manicureThe latest craze in the manicure market has to be, without a doubt, the caviar and pearl bead nail products.

Whilst shopping at home a couple of weeks ago I spotted a manicure set in TkMaxx and thought I should give it a go myself!

I picked up the Ciaté Caviar Manicure set and I am afraid to say that this is limited edition so if you’d like to try it you need to go and get your hands on it ASAP! I got the pink polish with rainbow caviar beads but the yellow colour looked lovely too!

In terms of application, it’s pretty easy to do yourself and you can either choose to pour the beads over your still wet polished nail or to pour the beads out into a tray of which you can dip your nail into. Either works fine, what’s important is that you completely cover the nail in beads.

The pack comes with a little funnel to put the leftover beads back into the bottle so that’s pretty handy too- it’s not as messy as it sounds!

ciateThey look incredible and I really liked them. Their only downside is that they don’t last and they can be a little impractical. Should you want them for a night out, I advise that you to get ready beforehand because the beads can get caught or pop off while you dress or do your hair. I lost quite a few beads just washing my hair so I wish I’d have done that first.

Definitely leave this manicure to the last minute. The drying time is a simple 15 minute wait and they should last all night if you add a strong top coat to secure the beads in place. As they start to fall off after 24 hours, they are super easy to remove!

All in all, I love this manicure set and I’ll definitely apply caviar beads again for a night out!

A definite recommend!

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